Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh Simon, You Knucklehead!

I am a really, really big American Idol fan. I am glued to the television during the season from the first episode to the last. My family suffers, my friends suffer, and my blogs suffer during this time. I do not take phone calls or accept dinner invitations if the show is going to be aired. (Get a life, right?)

To honor the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, American Idol repeated its episode where the top 13 contestants sang one of Michael's songs. As I stated above, I was glued to the television, did not take calls, and tightened up the bladder muscles until commercials. I thought each and every contestant did a great job. Some were very good. Some were AWESOME!

The Hubs and I watched last night, and as was with almost every single episode throughout the season, yelled back at the TV every time Simon Cowell opened his mouth. We love to hate him. Yes, Simon does have some credibility, but in many cases, he contradicts himself just to get a boo or two from the audience.

We thought that it would be fun to make a You Tube video by going through a bunch of this past year's episodes, pulling out Simon's nastiest comments. After each of his comments, we would inject five seconds of our responses to his comments. I don't know about you, but with my limited technical abilities, I'm not sure I would be able to complete this task within this decade. So, instead, we have chosen to list our responses to the more flagrant comments of his.

"Oh Simon, you knucklehead!"

"You're crazy, Simon!"

"Unbelievable, Simon!"

"HOW can you say THAT!"

"Well, if it's a singing competition, then why are you CRITICIZING WARDROBE?

"Well, if it's a singing competition, then WHY ARE YOU CRITICIZING DANCE?"

"And your professional opinion is backed up with WHAT?"

"How can you call it a DISASTER when they made it their own and POURED THEIR BLEEDING HEARTS OUT?"

"Just say it was the wrong song choice and be DONE WITH IT!"

"You are starting to GET ON MY NERVES, SIMON!"

"If you say that once more, I'm GOING TO SCREAM!"



Wouldn't this make a hilarious You Tube video? Come on video techs! Get to work! Here's the script, now have at it!

Danny, you stole my heart with your very first song! I'll be first in line when your album comes out! Good luck on the summer tour!


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Chris H said...

I loved Danny too.
And I actually love Simon too.. he's honest, upfront and entertaining. My kind of person.