Monday, September 21, 2009

1st Place Trophy

Here in middle America, there is a local organization for Volkswagen owners who like to show off older cars that have been restored. Well, as you know, Retro purchased a VW Bus almost two years ago and has replaced many worn interior parts with newer ones giving the car a much newer and cleaner look. He has also had work done on the mechanics (engine, transmission, and other engine parts of which I have no knowledge). Here are some before and after pictures.



This past Sunday, there was a Greek Festival at one of our public parks. The VW Club decided to gather and display all of the cars of those members who wanted to participate. It rained last Sunday, after Retro was already on the road to the park. Once he arrived, he found out the car show had been cancelled. Since there were already a few members there, they decided to just hang out and enjoy the day. The rain stopped and the VW Contest began with those who were in attendance. Since Retro was the only VW Bus at the park, he won 1st Place! How awesome is that!

He has done just about all of the work that was needed to "beautify" Ed's car, he began cruising the internet for old vw cars for sale....hence, he found this:

This little gem will belong to Katya when the interior is finished. It's a 1970 Karmann Ghia, and we lucked out with the engine components and body - both are in great shape.

I wonder what is in store for mom?


Joanna Jenkins said...

Nice wheels!!!!! That car is beautiful!

Chris H said...

Didn't he do a good job! He deserved his trophy.

Betty said...

Wow, your husband is really talented! Great work he´s done there!

Jeanie said...

I love seeing the Karmann Ghia. A neighbor had one when I was a kid that he let me go with him to pick out. Sadly, I think I can identify more cars from the fifties and sixties than current ones. I love seeing the old ones restored.

Coffee Bean said...

WOW!!! I am impressed!