Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Dahling!

Thirty-three years, but who's counting? 1976 was soooooooo long ago! So much has happened; so much water under the proverbial bridge. We are still here, however, and still able to laugh at ourselves (and each other)!

It rained the night before our wedding and drizzled the morning of, our special day. We were told that rain was good luck. Well, we've had some luck, which is better than having no luck at all. I'm still breathing, he's still breathing, and our spawn are all still breathing. I guess you could call that good luck.

I'm blessed to have the life that I do. Like everyone, it hasn't always been easy. I truly believe that I am right where I am supposed to be (although sometimes I question the where) and that the people in my life have contributed to my journey in one way or another. The stretch marks, the caffeine addiction (along with the left eye twitch) and the grey hair which began in my twenties can all be traced back to those who are dearest to my heart. The contributions of the in-laws cannot be overlooked. The lesson of keeping my head down when objects were propelled across rooms and in my general vicinity, has been most important in the preservation of my head and its many transparent parts.

He's a great guy. He makes me laugh. He is really good at fixing things when they break (and I know how to break things...) He is a great provider, and doesn't mind if we have pancakes for dinner when he is out of town. He and I are both slowing down a little (thank goodness!) even though we pretend that we are not. Some nights, we actually make it through to The Tonight Show, but that doesn't happen very often. I'm happy that Leno will be on an hour earlier this season!

So I raise my glass to my hubs, and all the partners who are together, whether it's the original union, or a subsequent one. May your days be filled with love, laughter and a good therapist... or a very good scotch.


Lora said...

I have to say, you guys look like Doogie and Wanda! So adorable.

Happy happy 33. and 33 more.

I love when people have been together for a long time. It makes me want to work hard so I can say the same in the future

Jeanie said...

I'll never make it to the milestone you've reached, but I love hearing the stories of those who do. Congratulations to you and thanks for the raised glass to those of us in "subsequent" unions.
Happy Anniversary!

Betty said...

Congratulations!!! That is awesome!
It was drizzling on our wedding day thirty years ago too. So I guess it is good luck.
God bless you guys and give you many more years together!

Melody said...

Happy Anniversary!

Chris H said...

33 years.. that's pretty awesome!