Thursday, October 22, 2009

One Year Milestone!

I'm ordering flowers today for a friend in Chicago. She is having a party to celebrate one year of being free of breast cancer. A few of us cannot be there in person to celebrate with her, so our pink flowers will be there for us.

It seems as though just about everyone knows one or more cancer survivors, whether it is a friend, co-worker, or even themselves. I am truly grateful for the advocates, warriors and loud voices of men, women & children everywhere who remind us to get checked and follow up with the check-ups!

Her story is an amazing one, and I won't tell it here and now without her permission. What I will tell you is the incredible amount of strength and support she has received from family and friends near her home, as well as the plethora of friends she has here in St. Louis. Her faith played a very large part in her treatment and recovery. I can picture her praying with her doctors shortly before going under anesthesia, and then again shortly after coming out of it. The chemo treatments...the nurses, the drivers and the entourage who followed her everywhere... they were honored to be a part of her day and prayers. I can also see her sitting in a doctor's office getting bad news, praying with the doctor, and immediately feeling content and assured that no matter what the outcome, she will have the "Big Guy" walking through it with her...every step of the way.

Well, the "Big Guy" did walk through it with her and she is giving a party, not only for herself, but in gratitude for the heavenly intervention. She has been cancer free for one year, has her life back (along with, I think, a new set - I'm so jealous) and if I know her, she has already become involved in giving back to another who is traveling that same scary road.

Congratulations, girlfriend, and God Bless you!


Joanna Jenkins said...

CONGRATULATIONS to your friend on this wonderful milestone. Best wishes and prayers for continued good health!

Love the photo :-)


Unknown Mami said...


a corgi said...

thanking God (AKA the "Big Guy") for your friend's survival! I think its awesome she lived her faith this way and that others shared with her too including the doctors


Jeanie said...

All the best wishes for continued good health for your friend.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Celebrating with you!