Friday, October 30, 2009

This is It - Part Deaux

I just returned from watching this incredible documentary! I didn't have to ask my daughter twice if she wanted to see it with me. It was unbelievable! I forgot that I was watching rehearsals. I felt like I was part of the audience at one of the 50 concerts Michael Jackson had planned.

The film showed every aspect of what goes into the making of a live concert. We were shown the many facets of production...the musicians, the singers, the dancers, the costume people, the makeup people, the technical experts, the documentary film makers, and, of course, the King of Pop. It was wonderful to watch him work!

For a more informative take on the movie, please visit Manic. She goes into great detail about some of the numbers, injects her wonderful sense of humor, and if you have yet to see the movie, you will surely want to after reading her post!

I am saddened by the fact that Michael Jackson is no longer with us. I was saddened that, with all the preparation and manpower by everyone involved with the show, they would not have the privilege to travel the world with Michael and help spread the magic of his incredible musical gifts.

God Bless you Michael! May your soul rest in peace.

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