Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Fairy Best Tooth Fairy Story

I was clicking around today and ended up at Supah Mommy. She asked us to write a story about a Tooth Fairy experience. You know how fond of fairies (tooth, godmother, garden, laundry, Bad Spells, etc.) I am! I just couldn't resist! Please stop over and say hello at Supah Mommy.

I have forgotten my share of Tooth Fairy duties. If there is anyone out there who has never forgotten….well… I really don’t want to know.

One time, when I did remember, it was the first “switcheroo” job. At the time, Rock was about 10 years old. He was a half/believer at this point, but I assured him that there was, in fact, a Tooth Fairy who brought coins for teeth. Of course, moms know NOTHING. He was out to prove that he knew better.

That night, Rock put his tooth in a place other than the “designated” place and the Tooth Fairy could not find it. The next morning, Rock showed me his tooth. He was so sure that there was no Tooth Fairy, because she would have found the tooth no matter where it was. I explained to him that she visits a gazillion kids every night to pick up teeth. She always looks in the same place where she picked up the last tooth. She doesn’t have time to hunt around the room looking for the tooth, and possibly waking up sleeping children. I told him that she probably figured that he forgot to put it in the same place as last time.

I suggested he try it again, but this time he should put it in the little box on the nightstand. He did so, very reluctantly. The next morning, he came downstairs excited, but confused, at the same time. The Tooth Fairy had left a coin for his tooth, but she also left a bill for the wasted trip out the night before.

The invoice was very professional. It had the Tooth Fairy’s name at the top, with her address on Bicuspid Lane. The words “SAMPLE BILL” were stamped on the invoice. The bill, itself, did not have an amount due, but there was a section for notes which read:

Because of the deception you engaged in two nights ago, this bill is being sent to you for my trip out to your house and no tooth in the tooth box. It has come to my attention that the tooth was in the room, but was hidden somewhere other than the box, the dresser or under the pillow. If every child just put the tooth in any old place, I would never be able to visit everyone who lost a tooth. There is no money due at this time, however, should you repeat this behavior, you will be required to compensate me for my time. Thank you, the Tooth Fairy.

Please check out Supah's blog. She has something for everyone!

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Jeanie said...

Oh that tooth fairy-she is a clever one.

Betty said...

LOL! You are good. What happened when he found out the truth? Our tooth fairy always picked up her teeth from under the pillow... :)

Betty said...

LOL! You are good. What happened when he found out the truth? Our tooth fairy always picked up her teeth from under the pillow... :)

Hilary said...

A tooth fairy with attitude!

Both of my sons gave me a run for the money (so to speak) with their first tooth losses. My older one was a sharp cookie. Clutching his coin the following morning, he asked me point blank if I was the one who left it for him. I sputtered my way through avoidance tactics with questions like "What would I want with an old tooth?" or "What do you think?" He stood firm and told me that he wanted to know the truth.. this six year old wise man. I was defeated before I even began and looked him in his accusing eye and admitted the truth. He burst into tears and told me that I shouldn't have done it.. I should have had faith and waited for the Tooth Fairy to get the tooth. Sigh! I was duped. She got it the next night, as well as every tooth after that for many years to come.

My younger son pulled his own first tooth out in front of the bathroom mirror, and over the sink. It immediately went down the drain and this faux Tooth Fairy had to learn how to dismantle the pipes and find it in the U trap.

Tooth Fairies are grossly underpaid!

Joanna Jenkins said...

That is one smart Tooth Fairy. I'll have to remember that.

Thanks for the chuckle.

Debbie said...

Your tooth fairy is much smarter than ours:)

She Writes said...

That was great. I like her address.

Mrs4444 said...

That is AWESOME. Very creative!

Aww...Hilary's story is so sweet.

LambAround said...

HA! I work in a pediatric dental office and look forward to sharing this story on Monday :)
We did have a dad (also an ex-husband)(this story was told to us by mom/ex-wife) who gave his daughter $50 for her 1st lost baby tooth! 1) What on earth is a 5 year old going to do with that much money and 2) does he realize how many more teeth she's going to lose?! She's going to bankrupt him!

SupahMommy said...

That is a riot. You win :)


Tooth Fairy said...

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Unknown Mami said...

Great story!

DawnV said...

Too funny! I love that the tooth fairy left a bill for "wasted time". Clever!!
Thank you for passing along the fairy pillow... My 5 year old is anxiously awaiting the loss of her first tooth and will be THRILLED!
Will let you know when I post about it on our blog with link to your site :)

From Tracie said...

I love it! That is so hilarious! What a creative little Tooth Fairy you have at your house!

Bee and Rose said...

That is my kind of tooth fairy! lol!

My son lost his last tooth a while back and the tooth fairy just completely spaced it...he was very quick to let me know that the tooth fairy now owed him $5 for his inconvenience of having it under his pillow for an extra night! lol!

Aging Mommy said...

That is a wonderful story but yet I can't quite believe you sent your son this invoice for time wasted. Oh my, that's one tough and very busy tooth fairy!