Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Centus - Santa's Dilemma

Welcome to Saturday Centus, hosted by the Divine Jenny Matlock! Her challenge is to write a 100 word post about the prompt that she provides. The prompt is not included in the word count of the post. This week's challenge is in bold type below.

It was a week before Christmas. Everyone worked overtime to handle the extra requests. When Santa joined Facebook the requests tripled. He worked late reading each request and soon found himself in bed with the flu.

“I’ll never finish!” Santa cried to Elf Larkin.

“Relax, Santa” Larkin replied, “I’ll handle it!” Off he scurried and didn’t return until Christmas Eve, with the list of names, matched up with toys.

“We had such a demand for the FT-105 racers that we ran out. So, we used all of the FT-103 racers that we had in stock” Larkin boasted.

Santa’s eyes crossed. “What was he thinking? OMG Elves are soooo 2009…”

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Have a wonderful (last-shopping) weekend!

Jenny Matlock


June Freaking Cleaver said...

Maybe Santa should go the way of all international companies, and outsource the toy manufacturing to China or India!

Great response!

gautami tripathy said...

Well, Larkin did the best he could!

dead man and his bottle of wine

Bookie said...

Well, at least the little guy was working hard!

Tina said...

That was so cool! Loved the idea of the prompt being said by Santa!

Judie said...

Elves! Can't live with 'um, can't shoot 'um!

Sue said...

Nobody does it like the big guy!

;) said...

I love the concept of Santa joining facebook. This was very funny. Thanks for the laughter. xo

Teresa said...

To think that Santa would delegate his duties - never!

Very cute story. Of course Santa must suffer from the flu now and then way up there. Just think of all our suffering from that darned Arctic air coming down here!


Jo said...

I like the way you used the prompt ...

cj Schlottman said...

Oh, no! A jaded Santa. What is this world coming to? Great story.

Merry Christmas..........cj

Viki said...

I loved that Santa was on facebook. He must have had a fever thinking elves were sooo 2009, ha.

Koby said...

Larkin...what a sweet name. I too loved that Santa was on Facebook. I love to see the different takes on the prompts. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love this modern Santa :)

Rek said...

Ahh...Santa on the social network....quite a few years behind actually...great post...poor elves getting the boot in every post I've visited....merry Christmas. ;)

Anna said...

What a wonderful mix of traditions and the very lastest in technology: Santa and FaceBook!
Excellent use of the prompt! Seamless! Poor Santa has the flu and is forced to rely upon deputies!
Love this!
Best wishes,
Anna's SC#33

Jenny said...

Larkin! I know a lot of them!

I had a hard time reading your post since I was so busy re-reading dozens of time the 'divine' comment - ha!

This was really a cool way to interpret this prompt.

Very clever.

Thanks for linking.