Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Fat Tuesday and I'm Home Alone!

I just got home from work...not the best day I've had...and I have the whole house to myself (except for the dog)! It's Fat Tuesday, there's nobody here but me, and my head is swimming with ideas! I've already had a cup of "3-2-1 Cake"; and I just finished baking a package of Pillsbury Simply Peanut Butter cookies, which are half gone at this point. This very minute I am washing down the little that was left in my bird-like mouth with a glass of milk!

I'm not a big Mardi Gras fan. I don't drink alcohol. But that usually doesn't stop me from watching people overcome by intoxication try to get across the street and into the next bar. That was me in my early twenties. Born and raised in Southern California, I had never seen the Rose Parade live. One year, my friends and I went down to claim a spot along the parade route the evening before. It's New Year's Eve and we don't want to look awkward, so we drink whatever everyone else is drinking. I was drinking wine that comes in a box. Now I have nothing against liquids that come in a box. Koolaid and apple juice come in boxes. It's just that the wineries don't have kegs, so they use boxes. Anyway, I drank too much. My speech was totally Klingon, I could barely walk over to the bushes to throw up, and I just wanted to go to sleep. So I climbed into my sleeping bag and passed out. The next morning, before the parade started, I felt sick so I had my friend drive me home. THE ONE TIME I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE THE PASADENA ROSE PARADE LIVE...AND I BLEW IT!!!

Do you think I learned from this experience? You're right. Within a year, I found myself in love with Brandy (not the singer). I'll say no more. Thank the good Lord for arranging my first pregnancy! I had nothing to drink for about a year. The first glass of wine I drank did not taste very good, and I started singing the National Anthem before I finished it. By the fourth pregnancy, my tolerance was a big fat zero. I can't even take a whiff of the stuff without losing my balance and mistaking the light pole for my husband.

So, getting back to FAT TUESDAY...I guess I'll just have to make pancakes for dinner, with bananas and whipped cream (and maybe, just maybe...a little chocolate syrup on top). I promise to walk the dog at least 10 times tomorrow!

*3-2-1 Cake: Mix a box of any kind of cake with a box of Angel Food cake. In a custard cup, measure 3 tablespoons of the cake mixture, 2 tablespoons of water, and mix together. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Let it cool, and VOILA! A sweet snack that can only be made sweeter with some really thick frosting! Hey, I can hear lip-smackin'! Knock it off!


Chris H said...

Pancakes, whipped cream AND chocolate sauce! OMG yum.

Nezzy said...

Now I'm hungry and I just ate breakfast girl!!! Heeehehehhe!!!

I'll have to try some 3`2`1`cake...sound gooooood!

God bless ya and have yourself a super Saturday sweetie!!! :o)

Judie said...

Our daughter has lived in New Orleans for most of her life and I have been to Mardi Gras MANY times! We were even members of a krewe for many years! I have caught more than 56 lbs. of beads at just one Mardi Gras! We give them out at Halloween instead of candy.

I,too, have gotten puking sick before a parade even started, trying to keep up with our group. One episode was enough to cure me of "peer pressure!" I still enjoy a glass of wine, but I definitely know my limits!! I HATE throwing up!!

We no longer go to Mardi Gras, and our daughter occasionally comes to Tucson during that time, just to stay out of the frey!!

Lora said...

I wish I never heard of 321 cake! That's WAY too easy.