Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Pod is Changing

Welcome to Saturday Centus, brought to you by the refreshing Jenny Matlock of "Off On My Tangent." Each Saturday morning she offers up challenging assignments for her loyal followers. This week, our topic is "Two Peas in a Pod." The two peas that I am most familiar with are my daughters. I have a picture, locked away in my basement so well that I could not find it, which would have perfectly gone with this post. I guess it just wasn't to be. Our family so misses the beach, and each time that we visit California, we make it a point to catch some real beach rays. Here's my story with the prompt in bold.

In contemplating our move north and a new life sans children, I thought about our first big move from the Pacific Coast to the Midwest. We made it the adventure of a lifetime. The girls would have beach days inside, with their bathing suits and towels, looking like two peas in a pod!

This time, it will be different. The kids aren’t coming. It’s time to downsize. We will have the Mother of garage sales to let go of 36 years of stuff/memories.

I will embrace this new chapter. Where will I find drama? Where will I get my writing material? Look out, Daddyo!

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Picture provided by, a very beautiful place to visit.

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Sue said...

My husband is just about ready to retire, but we're thinking we might stay put. We love California, just as you did...and even though we could get a lot of retirement money out of our home, it feels too hard to leave.


anitamombanita said...

Change can be overwhelming sometimes, but it's also so refreshing. Hope you find great joy in the new journey!

Jeanie said...

Hang on to these great memories, Liz, as you make your way toward making new ones.

Karen S. said...

Life is all about changes....some good some...maybe not as good....but you never know until you venture out....and see...

Jo said...

What a huge change and challenge ahead of you ... now it's time to start making new and well, different memories!

Judie said...

We retired to Tucson, which I now refer to as Oosontay, because politically, I am embarrassed to tell anyone I live in Tucson. Well, guess what? One of our kids followed us out here! Then another came! Empty nest? Well, sometimes!!!

Anna said...

Down-sizing is difficult. My former husband (of 20 years) decided one day that he did not like me anymore a couple of years ago and after an agonising time before I could find a new (and smaller) apartment and move away from him, I felt like a prisoner in my own home.

I did not blog about this while it was going on. I can write about it now almost one year after the divorce became legal and final.

Sometimes I have wished that I was a widow instead of a divorcee. The ending has ruined almost all of the happy memories. I have two school-aged children who need me. (Which is why I can be very late with comments.) Sometimes I feel that there is not enough of me to go around!

Please don't take this as a 'know-it-all'-comment. I am sure you are having a hard time with this move, even if you still have each other. You'll get through it. Take one thing at a time. Get your children to help you if they are willing to let YOU decide what you want to do with your things.

I'm sure that you will be able to find new subjects to write about. If life seems too quiet, think back. Can you remember something that you wished that you wrote more about? Maybe you can do that when you get settled.

Be careful what you throw out. Make your new home practical, but don't throw all of your memories (=mementos) out.

Judie maybe right. Grown-up children still need their parents. I really enjoy visiting with my mother - and we have had our dusters in the past. I miss my late father. If he were to come back from the dead for a moment, I'd give him my very best hug.

Kind regards,

'Parent-teacher meeting' Anna's SC wk 92

Ebie said...

Hi Liz, I bet there will be piles to keep and to throw away and to sell!

Good luck. Change is the only change that does not change.

Jenny said...

If this is not fiction, I share your pain.

It is really hard letting go of all that defined both our lives and us, as Mother's, for so long.

We're doing this same thing now and it is so bittersweet. Those pictures, those captured moments...the stuff and fabric of our lives for so long.

I wish I could send you a giant hug.

Becoming an Empty Nester is not an easy undertaking!