Monday, February 13, 2012

SC-The Wedding Was at The Firehouse!

Welcome to Saturday Centus, the weekly "let's see how creative you can be" assignment from Jenny Matlock, Off on My Tangent. This week, our prompt is "The Wedding was at the Firehouse." Here is my offering, which by the way is almost 100% true! I started out with 205 words and brought it down to 117! I just couldn't take away any more words!

We were both a little quirky, but agreeing to the wedding at a Firehouse? It was the second for us both, and we wanted something different.

On the morning of our special day, the decorations were up and the Firehouse “chef” was busy cooking the wedding meal. .

A call came in for a fire about five miles away. The guys all jumped into the truck, locking the station doors behind them. In the rush, Chef Pierre forgot to turn off the stove.

The firehouse caught fire, the doors were locked and the 911 call was made. It was too late. The firehouse burned to the ground.

The wedding was rescheduled and took place at the beach.

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Jenny Matlock


Chris H said...

Love it! Glad the wedding did go ahead finally.

Karen S. said...

Oh your photo rocks! Great description too! Personally I like the beach better anyway!

anitamombanita said...

At least the wedding did go forward! Nice take on the prompt!!

Unknown Mami said...

Get out!

Jenny said...

Ha! It made me laugh that the firehouse actually burned down.

What a funny twist. I love your creative mind!