Sunday, July 22, 2012

Birthday Party Flavor

My best birthday party flavor was girlie-girl flavor! We had a dress-up box in the basement. We all found something to wear. We had girlie teens to do our makeup and nails. We glued silk flowers to big, floppy hats and added some Chiffon. When we were all girlied up, we had a girlie fashion show. Then it was time for cake and ice cream! We sat around the dining table, eating our treats, and laughing our girlie-girl heads off! It was a lovely day and everyone went home with a big girlie smile on their face!

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Karen S. said...

Oh this is just perfect! My daughter put on a Princess Party for my now 3 year old grand-daughter and since she has 4 boy cousins we also made it a Princess-Pirate (of course) party and I even dressed as a Pirate Princess! Dress up is so much fun! A wonderful birthday flavor!

Jeanie said...

What a fun party and I'm sure it is a wonderful memory for you.

Judie said...

Love the hats, Liz! What a fun idea for a little gir's party. Great memory!!

anitamombanita said...

I love this and the photo is so sweet!

Jenny said...

Oh my.

I remember my kids playing with dress up boxes!

We had a girlie girl party, too, complete with nailpolish with glitter in it (quite the trendsetting stuff back in the 80's) and lipgloss application!

This was wonderful.

Thank you for the smile!