Friday, May 31, 2013

Frag Attack!

Welcome to Friday Fragments...a wonderful place to be at the end of the week where you can analyze, criticize, ponder, contemplate, adjudicate and atone for the week! Thanks to Mrs4444 at Half Past Kissin' Time!

I must admit that I'm sort of a klutz.  If there is a hole, or raised concrete, my feet will find them.  If something heavy needs lifting, no amount of forethought or planning will keep me away from the inevitable!  It happened this week!  I was cleaning a towel rack/glass shelf combination when the glass shelf became dislodged (how, I will never figure out) and dropped to the floor.  On its way down, it hit the tank to the toilet, breaking the lid, splitting the side so as to begin an ever-so-slow leak and then landing square on my foot.  The glass never shattered, nor chipped (why, I will never figure out), nor was my foot injured in any way!  Go figure!  Being the handy dandy man that my hubs is, everything was repaired with no leaks, and just a slight tell-tale crack on the lid.  The next day when I arrived home from work, I accidentally knocked a travel coffee mug off the table while checking to make sure the coffee had been set for the morning.  This travel mug landed square on one of the weakest of my toes, and felt like someone had just blown it off with a gun!  I yelped a few choice words and hobbled to the nearest chair where I moaned, cried, and showered myself with pity.  By the next morning, the toe was a few shades darker and a few centimeters thicker than it's counterpart, but miraculously, I could stand up, and walk without making a sound!  The first accident was a miracle; the second, a miracle with a message....slow down, woman!

On Wednesday, I met with a friend whom I had not seen for about two years!  We met at the Chicago Botanical Gardens and had a lovely time, which went by so fast that we promised to meet again soon!  I will be sharing this wonderful day on Sundays in My City in two days.  Just spending the time with this good friend, walking, talking and loving the beauty of everything the Gardens had to offer, made my entire week a joy and I will be thinking of the day for weeks to come!  We all have friends whom we can just "pick up where we left off," don't we?  My friend is just one of these wonderful friends!

Hope your week was as eventful as mine!  Enjoy the that I can walk...I will, too!

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Half-Past Kissin' Time


Karen S. said...

I really like this- and I shall be calm and just Frag on is right on!

Doreen McGettigan said...

OMGoodness your poor toe. I am a big ole clutz too and have a habit of breaking fingers and toes. Very painful injuries!
My daughter and son-in-law are movind and last night carrying a very small air conditioner down the steps the chord slipped and tripped him and the AC landed on his shin breaking his leg in 2 places. It is the 4th broken leg for him...jeesh.
The gardens look beautiful. Have a great weekend and yes move slower!

Nita Davis said...

Oh my, I couldn't help but think how your adventures so closely resemble my
Hope the toe is all better and you are off enjoying your week.