Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Found on Bus 40

One of the job duties I have at work is to manage the Lost & Found Department. I am brought anything from money to phones to hoodies and expensive jackets. The person who brings the item in tells me where it was found. When someone loses something, they fill out a Lost Report and turn that in to me. I send out an email to the staff at the end of the day detailing lost items and found items. When I first started this, the emails were very boring to write, as well as, to read. So, I began to insert goofy humor (I pretend to be a professional critic for American Idol, and a few other Fox shows; I also share funny stories about my kids.) into my emails, and now I can get more people to open them up and read them.

Today a phone was brought to me that was found on Bus 40. I set it aside in a secret hiding place (so no one will take it when I am away from my desk). I have to be careful, though, because sometimes I forget my hiding places! At the end of the day, I opened the phone and looked in the contacts for "home" or "mom." I tried calling "mom", but I couldn't get service. I put the phone away and brought it home. I just tried calling it again from my back porch. It rang (one ringy dingy....) about five or six times and then I got a message that the battery was low and to recharge immediately. With what? good looks? It just so happens that Retro has the same brand of phone, so I'm going to charge the battery on that and then try "mom" again later tonight.

Edwina & Katya still go out on Halloween. I'm sure we will be pinning, taping and sewing at 5:00pm on October 31st, but oh, what fun it will be! Their high school football team plays the cross-town rival that night. The costumes are going to be very interesting. Do you think that if someone dressed up as a football player they could sneak out on the field and play?

Thanks for stopping by. Gotta get some laundry done....

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Chris H said...

Hi chick, thanks for visiting me blog. I am aware of sodium not helping with the fluid retention... So I obviously try to avoid it as much as possible. But it is hard cos salt if one of the most common things used to flavour food! So, did you ever find the owner of that phone??