Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Season Are We In?

Hooray! We are finally out of the 80's. My goodness, it's been just a little too toasty for me lately! I'm a full-figured girl, so most of my comfy clothes are stretchy and synthetic. Well, my chubby thighs get a little warm inside of synthetic material, so you can sort of see what I'm talking about......I'm looking forward to cooler temps, shorter days (good excuse for not getting some things done..."I just didn't have enough daylight!"), leaves changing color and then dropping, and maybe a little flurry or two.

I just finished organizing my desk, throwing out junk, tearing off our names and address to be shredded (a little paranoid, huh?), made a new "To Do" stack, "To File" stack, and catalog stack. It's only October and I already have a bazillion catalogs! I dog-ear all of the things on my wish list, and then slap the pages that I really, really want. It's just a little tradition we do in our was great fun for the kids when they were little. All those toy catalogs! They would slap their pages and then circle everything they wanted to put on their list. It was hours of fun... a good thing for them to do at the kitchen table while I cooked dinner.

The girls took their PSAT tests today (for those who have little ones only, and have blocked this part of high school from your memory - it's a practice test for the ACT (college) test). If one does really well on this test, they are almost guarranteed some $$$ for college. Edwina has a bladder the size of an M&M. She forgot to go before the test began. They wouldn't let anyone leave during the "stretch" break. It was close, but she survived!

Take a moment to count your blessings, even if they make your life crazy!!

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This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

I hear ya- it was another hot day here in San Diego. Something insane like 85 degrees or something. Hello, its the end of October for cryin out loud! I can't wait for it to be cool ALL DAY, not just for an hour or two in the morning.

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