Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet Tootsie!

I took a little time for myself the other day, and tweaked my blog a little bit. I started to click on stuff and this picture came up. Let me introduce you to Tootsie! We rescued her from the Humane Society about three years ago. They tell me she is a Scottie/Basset Hound mix. Yikes! We love her dearly. She has a very calm demeanor, lets us know when she needs something (like food, water, chasing chipmunks or bunnies, etc.) and has a larger bladder than Edwina.

We waited a long time for her...too long, I think. Hero was already out of the house in college. I feel that he was cheated a little. He enjoys her when he comes to visit. Oh sure, the boys had hamsters, lizards, frogs and miniature catfish, but a dog or a cat is beyond compare to these critters.

The boys' hamsters were named Jake and Elwood. We couldn't find small enough sunglasses for them to wear, so we talked about using a permanent marker to draw them on. We chose not to do this in case the boys wanted to change their names. Jake and Elwood make so much noise at night, we had to move them to the garage. Big mistake. Elwood escaped, never to be seen again, and Jake grew a tumor on his ear. We couldn't get near Jake without a little nip here and there, so we took him to a Vet who specialized in "exotic" animals. She wanted to keep Jake overnight for observation. What she really was going to do was to put Jake out of his misery, but at the time, Rock was only 4 and was already in hysterics because of the tumor. We told Rock the next day that Jake passed on to hamster heaven and that he was reunited with Elwood. Now the two soul hamsters could continue their quest with the "Band" to raise funds for the Sisters of Perpetual Gerbels.

Now, the girls have their own "hamster" story, but that is for another day...

Tootsie is telling me to get ready for work! Enjoy your day!


Jane of JaneZworld said...

opposites huh hmmm?
snow - sun
flake - log
sunlog the black dog haha
Hi its me downunder again
when my mum died at Easter I overdosed on choc. They were all the ones I had to replace!!!! Far out I couldn't stop.
I dont eat it now at all. Only drink it hot chokky yum yum
no marshmellows.
Hope today was great at work.
from life & times

Anonymous said...

Oooo what a SWEET dog! I wish my dog had a big bladder :-( Who am I kidding, he doesn't aways ask to go out :-(