Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You're My Hero, Tink!

With the movie coming out this week, it seems like Faeries are the buzz. To me, Tinkerbell is the most famous and likeable.

I grew up about a half hour from Disneyland and would visit once a year. We didn't have all the wonderful advertising products that they have today, so I patiently waited for the trip to see all of my Disney Hereos. My favorites were Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell. I would always visit the Castle and couldn't leave until after the Tink's flight from the Matterhorn to wherever it was that she landed. I wanted to be at that spot, but my parents kept me close at hand. The fireworks were the highlight of the whole day. (Little did I know that my future husband would watch those fireworks from his backyard about two blocks away from the park!)

My Faerie interest grew once I had my girls and we would play pretend. With the ability to own movies and watch them anytime, I collected as many as I could that included Faeries: Hook, Peter Pan, Ferngully, Fairy Tale: A True Story, Neverland, etc. I lead a unit for a Girl Scout Day camp where the theme was movies. I chose Ferngully for my group of 2nd grade girls. We made wings, wands and pouches to hold faerie dust. (We couldn't use real faerie dust due to eco reasons, so we used birdseed instead!) We went on hikes to look for faeries and we would fly to the other units and put spells on them. We really did a number on the boys' unit because they were so obnoxious!

I find that keeping the magic alive does wonders for my well-being. I would love to hear your faerie stories!

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