Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ugh! I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick!

Why do I always over-indulge at Halloween? Maybe it's because I don't drink, so I don't over-indulge at weddings, birthdays, game days, New Years Eve, graduations, baby showers, etc. When will I ever learn that this body is just too old for chocolate. I like chocolate, but it really, really, does not like me. I figure it's God's little hint that I should stop at one Milkyway, not 21!

I loved looking at all the cute Halloween costumes that kids were going to be wearing when they went Trick or Treating. Awww...those were the days. The days of coming up with four new costumes every year, and there was always one of the cherubs who would change their mind at 4:00pm the afternoon of Halloween! Lots of hand me downs, my old ballet costumes, old soccer and baseball uniforms torn to shreds so we could be zombie athletes. I'm glad I kept the dress up box, because we could always find something in there to mix and match, and then make it a zombie!

One year we used an old toy container that was a plastic trash can. We cut out the bottom, glued rotten fruit and milk cartons to the outside, and actually won for "most unique" costume in Kindergarten. (If I can get my feeble hands on that picture, I'll post it sometime before next Halloween).

So here are a few of past Halloweens....(please bear with me...I'm so still learning how to do this!)

I actually sewed white felt on black sweats to make this Power Ranger dream come true. This costume was dumped at 4:00pm and "Santa" became the Trick or Treat costume.

This was a fun year; everyone stayed with their original idea. Mr. "white jammies" is Luke Skywalker; "fighting girl" is Zena, Warrior Princess; all black "Kupie" is a kitty; and "red-coated short stuff" is Kenny from "South Park."

Hope your Halloween was a blast!


Chris H said...

I am so glad we don't do Halloween here! I so couldn't be bothered doing all those costumes. My hat goes off to you! Clever wee tart you are!

Chris H said...

Ha ha ha! If calling you a tart made your day I must remember to do it again! LOL....

Tracy said...

Hey, you used your old ballet costume too? My husband always complains that I'm a packrat but those things come in handy, especially at 4 pm on Halloween!
Great pictures!