Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Challenge of the Year

It's almost midnight here in middle earth. What the heck am I doing up at this hour? There is a ton of stuff to be done tomorrow! I know why I'm up...I know everything will work always does. Also, Rock is coming home soon and I just want a minute to say good night to him as he trudges up the stairs to his room.

We talked Hero into driving out tomorrow morning instead of tonight. He worked a full day and didn't need to be on the road for two hours...exhausted.

This year's holiday will be a little different. I love making little changes each year... just litty itty bitty ones! We will all sleep in (except for the dog...and Retro.... and me) and have breakfast around 11:00. Since Rock forgot to ask for the day off, he will go into work from 2-6:30pm. We will start cooking mid-afternoon and plan to have everything ready around 7:00. Everyone has a dish to make and the bird will cook itself in the rotisserie. (Well, it looks good on paper!)

We are so thankful to have the opportunity to be together, to eat a great meal, and sit around in a warm comfy house. I know how lucky we are! I pray that in some small way, everyone reading this, and everyone they know, and so on, and so on, will have at least a few minutes of comfort, happiness and a light heart as this day of Thanksgiving unfolds.

A blessed Thanksgiving Day to you!

p.s. The weight management website is down and I haven't been able to register so I can track my progress. It must be a sign.... I commit to eating smaller portions during the day, and walking the dog at least twice! It's going to be a tough challenge, but I'll bring my A game to the dinner table and, with a little help from the Big Guy, I will succeed!

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Chris H said...

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Maybe it would be nice to have a day like that here! Without all the tempting food!