Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let's Get Organized - Part Deux

As some of us are beginning to prepare for our Thanksgiving holiday this week, lists and more lists are being made, crossed off, and/or simply thrown out. Whatever works for you is the way to go. Some people like to go out for Chinese or Italian! If the family is together, then you've succeeded. It doesn't matter where you are, even if it is a warm beach in Mexico.

If you are staying home, make a timeline for when certain tasks need to be done. Delegate some of those tasks to other members of the family. In my family, Rock makes the mashed potatoes, the girls prepare the Waldorf salad, and Hero does the vegetable (which is usually something frozen that needs to be heated up). The bird cooks itself in the counter-top rotisserie. This year, Hero and Retro (Dad) will make the stuffing. We tried this stuffing for the first time last year, and everyone loved it. It's made with sweet Italian sausage, fresh herbs and cheeses and a bunch of seasonings that I will never use again. But, it is gewwwwwwwdddddddd!!

Staying focused is another way to improve organization. Don't let the ADD settle in. If you feel it coming, take your meds. If you are not on meds, then chocolate is the next best thing. What? It works for me!!! Find that little spot on the wall that you used during Lamaze...(palleeeeze, I thought I blocked all of that out!) If problems or gliches arise, take care of them immediately. Don't bother arguing about whose fault it was, just fix it!

Keep your communications to a minimum. Telephone calls should have a few ideas scripted out ahead of time, but allow for improvisation, if necessary. Use an egg timer or a song on the radio. When <insert your favorite song here> is playing, end your call as the last note is played.

Learn from your mistakes, and really try not to make them again (unless you are like me and have a memory span of about five minutes). One mistake I seem to make over and over is "not" saying "no" when I should. Try to never take on more than you can handle, even if you are "Super Mom of the Year!" Know your limitations and be humbled by the fact that you really can't do everything....all of the time!

I have many of these suggestions embroidered on my dish towels (not really) so that I am constantly aware of them. I hope that some of you can use these (many of you already do) and find your days just a little less hectic than most.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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