Friday, February 12, 2010

I Just May Have Found Journal Boy!

The most amazing thing happened to me today. You know, the kind of thing that makes the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up straight? I was telling a co-worker about my Journal Boy story, and I happened to mention the real name of this awesome young man. My friend's eyes grew very large and she said to me "I think I worked with his stepmother!" After picking my jaw up from the floor, I said "NO WAY!" She said, "Yes! I'm sure it was his stepmother!" The goosebumps were throbbing at this point.

We exchanged dates, places and names, and she said she was going to go check on something. Fifteen minutes later she came back with a name and address for whom she felt certain was his father. I was beside myself, inside myself, and just about to break out of myself! What are the chances?!!!!

So, I emailed Hayworth and told her to meet me for coffee, that I had some amazing news for her. She reacted the same way that I did! We laughed and almost cried together. The thought that we might actually find this guy, get to know that he is okay and possible get to give him a big hug! We talked about contacting dad, and what we should say (actually, I volunteered to make the contact...but not without Hayworth's okay first) to him. Would a call be appropriate, or should we send a letter? He will probably think I am a nutcase and use his caller ID to report me to the police. I hope not! If I choose the right words and take my time speaking (or writing) then maybe he will understand that we think his son was a very special boy 13 years ago, who wasn't afraid to let his feelings show, even if it was privately in a book. We both just want to know that he turned out to be the same wonderful young man, and that we hope that he is happy. And, if he or dad want the book back, we would be delighted to return it.

I'm really scared. I think I'm going to write a letter instead of calling. I'm afraid if I call, I'll get cotton-mouth, like I used to get when I went on acting auditions. I would think I was prepared, but then the physiology of my body would take over and I became a blithering idiot with nothing but air coming out of my mouth!

I will keep you posted, friends!


Jeanie said...

Wow, how amazing that you found his dad. Keep us posted about the response. I'm sure you will word things in a way that will evoke a positive response. I hope you get positive information about Journal Boy.

Unknown Mami said...

Wow, I just finished reading what you sent me and then came over and read this. That's crazy.

What you wrote is lovely.

Chris H said...

Writing a letter is a good idea, that way you can compose what you want to say carefully. I hope it turns out well and you get to return the book to him.

Betty said...

Sounds really interesting. Can´t wait to hear more. Sometimes it´s just amazing how small the world is!

Frau said...

Wow that is so cool...I hope you hear back from him.

Judd Corizan said...

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Ocean Girl said...

I have not followed Journal Boy but this appear to be an amazing news. And I look forward to hear more.

Lora said...

I"ve been dying to read more about JB since you originally posted about him. I think you guys should make a movie about the whole thing!