Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sundays in My City - Coffee Time!

Unknown Mami

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I live in St. Louis, Missouri. Welcome to my City!

Not far from where I live, there is a small structure in the middle of a parking lot of a strip mall. This small, but powerful structure is a drive-through coffee, snack and lunch shop. Welcome to “More Than Coffee, Helping Challenged People One Cup at a Time.” With each cup of coffee, patrons receive printed scriptures that have been applied to the cup’s heat protector. This is one way the owner glorifies God. Please stop by the website and say hello!

I was privileged to meet the owner of More Than Coffee, Sam Malek, and get a first hand look at the shop. Sam’s kind demeanor and huge heart infected me immediately. He is an extraordinary Christian man who lives by the ideals of paying it forward. After his overhead expenses are met, all of his proceeds are given to local charities. His volunteer employees are capable young men and women who are passionate about their work. Oh, and by the way, they all posses a disability. Sam gives his crew training in many aspects of his business. They participate in food preparation, taking orders, working the cash register, and serving the public with a smile and genuine interest in their well being. These employees take this training with them when they move on to paying jobs as they join the work force along with the rest of us.

Two years ago, More Than Coffee was visited by Ty and his crew from Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Prior to the visit, Sam’s establishment was very small and would not accommodate wheel chairs. It does now…and then some! Everything Sam needs to run his business is at his finger tips.

If you visit St. Louis, you simply must stop by for a cup of coffee. You will leave with a feeling of joy knowing that just paid something forward. If you live in St. Louis… well…get a move on! Your patronage will be a blessing for so many of our local charities.

Thanks for stopping by my City!


Mama Zen said...

What a wonderful business!

Betty said...

That is so interesting and encouraging! People like that makes you want to do something yourself. I wish I could see that place in person some day. Sounds awesome!!

Sonya said...

WOW that is so amazing! they need more people like that in this world.

Joanna Jenkins said...

What an inspiring SIMY post. Thanks a million for sharing and letting us know more about "More Than Just Coffee".

Have a great week.

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. This made me cry. It is so beautiful that there are people like Sam in the world. What a blessing. This post makes me want to come for a visit.

Unknown Mami said...

What a wonderful place of business!

Julie said...

What a terrific story of just one man doing what he can to help others less fortunate than himself. I am so glad that I stopped by to read and understand his story.

Prairiemaid said...

This is not only a great picture, but an amazing story!

Hope you don't mind if I link to it in a few days? If that is a problem, please let me know.

Love it.

Shelle said...

who would think that a little coffee house would have such an amazing story.....if only more of this world worked this way.

Jeanie said...

I don't think I will get to vist any time soon, but I'm sure glad I got to hear about "More Than Coffee". Great telling of the story of a wonderful place.

Alix said...

Oh Liz, how wonderful. I love that you showcased More Than Just Coffee! My sister's in-laws live in St Louis. Next time sis and her hubby visit, I'll make sure to point them to that coffee house - if they don't already know about it. What a splendid organization and what a fantastic example of running a business as a labor of love with all the right values and goals and character and heart. Makes me want to say Starbucks who?

Another company that glorifies God {and makes a fine product to boot} is Country Bob's. They make a variety of sauces and condiments and their tag line is "God is our C.E.O. Check them out sometime:

PS: Thanks for swinging by Casa Hice and leaving such a cute comment on my colo post. So sorry about the photos. You know Casa Hice is all about shock and awe! LOL!!

qandlequeen said...

The week that shop was being rebuilt, they were also doing a house that happens to be down the street from ME! Small world, huh?

I'm not STL native, but can at least answer the high school question! Now I'm a north county girl transplanted in south county. Glad to meet you!

Mrs4444 said...

What a great business; it must be a wonderful feeling to be part of something so inspiring to others (including those who work at this shop). thanks for sharing this!