Thursday, September 23, 2010

Writer's Workshop - I Love My Job!

Ten Reasons Why I Love My Job

1. I love the fact that I live only two minutes by car; 10 minutes by foot.

2. I clock in at 7:00am, but I get to clock out at 2:30pm each day.

3. I get to come home for lunch, walk the dog, read a few blogs, and return to work, all within a half-hour.

4. I get to work with some amazing adults, who teach me something about kids almost every day. I even learn ways to handle my own children at times.

5. I also get to work with some amazing women who tell me daily that “they have my back.”

6. I get to try out my corny jokes and quirky writing skills in an email every day that publicizes lost and found items in the school.

7. I get to walk about a mile every day while at work. I deliver notes to the kids about items brought up to them, when they are getting signed out for an orthodontic appointment, or need to visit the principal’s office…

8. I get to take classes that help me perform better at my job. I get to take these classes during working hours, and usually with a lunch squeezed in at some fun restaurant.

9. I get to meet people from many different walks of life, and learn to appreciate our differences.

10. I get to be around some really amazing kids, who are learning to cross that bridge from elementary school life to future high school adventures. I learn a great deal from these kids every single day.

Thanks for the visit! I feel so very lucky to love the place that I drag my sorry butt to five days a week! This post is brought to you by Writer's Workshop and Mama Kat over at Mama's Losin' It. Click on the logo and get some great reads in!

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Joanna Jenkins said...

Sounds like a really great place to work. Good for you.
xo jj

Jeanie said...

Loving your job is as good as it gets. I'll join Joanna in saying good for you.

Leah said...

Whoa! Seriously, this sounds like an awesome place to work! You get out at 2:30?! Thats so amazing!! You get like the whole day practically to do whatever you want! And your commute is sweet! Wow!

jackie said...

It's really great when you work somewhere and enjoy it!

Amy said...

both of my parents were school teachers. being in the schools is really such an awesome job. plus you have great vacation time :)

Chris H said...

You are lucky to enjoy your job so much! WhoooT!

Lora said...

I love my job too, for lots of the same reasons you do. It's good to be in a good business, isn't it?