Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friday Fragments - Oh, Hello!

This is one of my favorite linking blogs! Mrs4444 from Half-Past Kissin' Time invites us to share ideas, talk about our day or week... just about anything too short for a regular post, but still very noteworthy!

Oh, hello, my name is Noexcuses. I've been really lazy, quiet, brain-dead and/or invisible lately, so I haven't posted much. When I read the posts of my bloggy friends, I feel energized and almost have that old "get crackin" feeling. It's amazing how a comment or email can pull one back from the edge. Thanks, Lora!

I once had a pediatrician ask me "what were you thinking?" when I had my fourth child only 17 months after my third. It made me mad, and I never went back to him! Now that the girls are 17 and 18, I know exactly what he meant! I think it's payback for all the grief I gave my mom....except that it is doubled! The drama around here would make for a great reality show, but then I'd have to get my hair and nails done, and, actually clean my house!

Last weekend I went to Boulder City, Nevada, to help my cousin with her booth at an art show. She makes very beautiful and unique jewelry. If you have a chance, click on Yasek Design Jewelry and check it out. She is on Etsy, too! For anyone who has lived on Mars for the last 100 years, Boulder City is about 20 minutes from Las Vegas...sin city...the strip...a town that never sleeps - at least not at night! The art show was a success. I wish I could say the same about the slots! We took a drive to Hoover Dam, about five minutes from Boulder City. Very impressive! Did you know that the Liberace Museum is closing in two weeks? You better get out there and check out those incredible costumes, cars and pianos! They will go back to the vault for at least seven years, just like Disney movies!

Now that I've gotten back in the water, I hope to be more visible and do what all of you wonderful people do...write! Please click on the Friday Fragments logo or any of the thumbnails at the end of this post, and see what many others are up to this week! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

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Chris H said...

two bubs in 17 months! There is NOTHING wrong with that! I had 4 kids in 4.6 years! That was fast.

Then of course I had a few more... but we won't go there...

That dam photo is pretty awesome. Hope to see more from you!

Anonymous said...

I will enjoy reading more of your future posts. I love the pictures that you chose to display with your FF post!

Uh oh, I have 3 girls, 2,3, and 5yrs. I'm suddenly NOT looking forward to my girls being teenagers :)


Jeanie said...

I can imagine the drama with those two girls, but they will be great friends throughout their lives.
Too bad about the Liberace Museum. He was unique, for sure.

brainella said...

The Hoover Dam is one of the coolest places -- we were fascinated by the whole thing. It's really amazing. Loved it.

My sister and I are 16 months apart and from about age 10 on, we were constantly fighting. But we've been good friends since we were about 24. It gets better! :)

Doreen McGettigan said...

I know your drama! My 2 oldest girls are 11 months apart. They have always and continue to be the best of friends and have only had a couple of arguments through the years..the problem was they were always tag teaming me and their younger brother and sister..I would not trade my kids for anything but being a grand mother is so much more fun.
Your pictures are amazing! I have never been to Vegas or anywhere west except California. We are actually planning a trip now to see the grand canyon. My husband lived in Arizona before I met him and his oldest son is buried there.
I'm hoping to squeeze in Vegas and I would love to see that Dam!

Mrs4444 said...

I'm glad there's a Liberace museum. Too bad I'll have to wait seven years to see it.

LOL! I just glanced at Chris H's comment and thought, "What's with the 'dam photo'? Is swearing really necessary?"hahahhaa