Monday, October 1, 2012

Bendy Wendy

Welcome to Saturday's Monday...I'm late!  Oh, well!  Jenny will forgive me...I think!  Jenny Matlock of Off On My Tangent hosts this weekly writing challenge where we are given a prompt and word restriction and sent off to do what we do best...write!  This week's prompt is "Sometimes you bend.  Sometimes you break" and is in bold letters in my post.  Hope you enjoy...I know some of you will certainly relate!

Hi!  I'm Bendy Wendy, and I'm a mom and wife.  Need I say more?  I used to be Stiff Sally, when my life was pre-planned, pre-packaged and predominantly one-way.  Then, I married and had children.  What the heck?

Every day brought new challenges and crises.  "Oh my ackin' back!"  I would cry.

"How did you get stuck on the fence?  Oh...the link is stuck inside your hand!" 

"You have detention because of bathroom behavior?  How many of you squeezed into the stall?"

"You bought a 30-year old convertible for which child?"

Sometimes you bend. Sometimes you break. When I finally break, I plan to break bad!

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Jenny Matlock


lissa said...

I still wonder about the silly things children do and adults even more so, we can still be childish at any age

nice take on the prompt, I hope you have a sweet day.

Judie said...

How have I missed so many of your posts??? First I'll comment on this one. Been there, done that! Hahahaha! The best story is about Rod installing a window air conditioner. Everything was all in place, but the unit was a little off-center, so he opened the window to straighten it. You guessed it. The unit fell backkwards, out the window and onto the ground. Sometimes you bend, sometimes you break--into peals of laughter.

Next, your fall series. Having lived in Chi Town, I can appreciate all your photos, Liz! But then comes winter.

Great posts!!!!

gautami tripathy said...

Such a great Centus!

lure of the impure

Chris H said...

I enjoyed reading that. Well done.

Karen S. said...

It's moments like this that keep life so darn interesting ...right!

Helen said...

Lovely story and so true I am the child of Wendy Bendy so you have hope xxx my post shows this a bit!

Jenny said...

Wendy Bendy.

I love her.

And I admire her!

And I love this great piece of writing!

Although I must admit.

I am lusting after that convertible with October weather here in the desert!