Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Brrrrrrr Fragmentsss!

Did you catch the news?  It snowed in Fargo!  I know!  It's too soon!  Our temps here in Chicago are 20 degrees lower than 24 hours ago! Nooooooooooo!!!  Hope our Chicago Marathon visitors have come prepared!

All my "cold weather" stuff is still in St. Louis!  I guess that means a "road trip" to the house... getting hugs from my favorite girls... bear hugs from my favorite boys... and picking up that "miracle fiber" jacket that always seems to keep the cold out!  I know it's going to be a little bigger on me than it was last winter, but then I guess I'll just have to add another sweater underneath!  I love that jacket!  I don't really want to buy a new coat since this one still works!  Do you have a favorite piece of clothing that just keeps on "working?"  I'm embarrassed to say how long I've had it; sort of like that "favorite" chair that a spouse is always trying to dump at the next garage sale! 

It's been a week of job applications, resumes, phone calls and closet inspections!  What the heck am I going to wear if someone actually wants me to interview?  I'm good...unless I get called back for a second interview!  Then, it will be time to really get creative!  I hope that happens... because my butt is getting very sore sitting in front of the screen typing the same old stuff over and over and over.... patience and faith, my dear!

Whether you're running, driving or rearranging your closets, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Jeanie said...

We have a dusting of snow here this morning and I will be pulling out that "old favorite" coat in a few minutes to get out in the cold to walk the dog.

Karen S. said...

Brrrr! Is right! Not only Fargo, but right here in good old Minnesota, close to the border of Canada, we got 12 inches! My hubby and his sisters took a trip last weekend to Thief Rover Falls, Mn, last weekend in the 80's two days ago they got six inches of snow! Our temps at the school bus this morn, were in the 40's but the temps felt like in the 20's so yes it's Brrrrr !

Wayne W Smith said...

I will pass on the cold thank you. It is still Tshirt weather here in Charleston SC

GB DB said...

Send the cold this way, please, it is still to hot for me in Georgia. I am hoping for snow this year, since last winter was just to hot for me.
I do hope you get an interview, stay positive, even though I know that is harder than it sounds.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Happy weekend!

I hear you on the change of temps-- It was 107 degrees here last week and tonight it's about 60-- Not brutal like Fargo but a sure sign that I need to think about clothes too. Thanks for the reminder.

xo jj

nancygrayce said...

Still hot here in Florida.....we keep hearing promises of cooler weather, but I don't see it anytime soon.

I reorganized my closet some time ago and so far am managing to keep it that way.

Hope the job hunting goes well.

That corgi :) said...

First time visiting/commenting on your blog. Wow, snow already in Fargo! I hope that's not a sign the winter will be a brutal one for them! Sounds like it is cooling down a bit where you area at. I work for a national transcription company and the account I transcribe for is out of the Chicago area (though I'm in Southern California) so it is always interesting to know what is going on in that part of the country. Good luck with your job search; it can be frustrating filling out job applications, going on interviews, waiting for call backs etc; hope you find something soon!

enjoy Sunday!


Unknown Mami said...

Sending you positive vibes on the job front.