Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little Help Along the Way

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHANGE UPDATE: Week two brought an unwelcome plateau, but moi did not give up! Week three brought the exciting preparation for the "Total Party With Your Colon!" Wow, losing five pounds in one I understand how some desperate people might move in this direction as a weight loss method. It's a sick one, but hey, at least one can flush out the old and start anew.

Since that eventful day, there have been a few slips. Thankfully, however, points were made up through more water, more exercise and a heck of a lot of pep-talks! Sunday morning will tell whether or not the current pace is working.

The family acquired "Hip-Hop Abs" last summer. The princesses have used it many times, but HRH has yet to "pop and rock". Princess Edwina is talking about a new exercise video called "Flirty Girls." I think it was made by professional cheerleader wannabees. The girls are pretty, and they know how to shake it. It really is a great workout, but maybe not so for those of us who have lived a half century, and have the folds and stretchmarks to prove our worth as warrior moms and dads.

Today was a rainy one, so the dog was chased around the house a few times. Then, there was the bending, stretching and lifting as furniture, rugs and lamps were returned to their normal, upright positions.

Hope you have blue skies as you read this. Send some prayers to Australia as they recover from the recent fires...and to Oklahoma, as well. They will all need our support as they rebuild their lives and try to move on.


Chris H said...

ha ha, you better be praying a lot... I done lots of ranting! hope you ain't too tired yet from all that praying!!!! lol
What's your email address? I will invite you to read the rants so ya know what to pray about.. me swearing is awesome! lol

Chris H said...

Oklahoma? Sorry I don't know what happened there. But there are so many terrible/tragic things happening around the world right now that one is at a loss to keep up with it all. The fires in Australia are devestating. My nieces live in Melbourne and can see the smoke! My niece there is a Police Officer and her job for the foreseeable future is body recovery! How awful for her.

Michelle ~ ~ said...

hey Liz, I love the blog and catching you on FB!! have a great weekend.

Coffee Bean said...

Ugh... I must exercise. Maybe tomorrow.