Monday, February 16, 2009

Week Quatro (four)

So, as I was saying....(couldn't think of more clever intro)...I'm still at the plateau...which, is probably good since last week was a total bomb as far as "no-no" foods go! I tried to make up for it with more dog walks. I even ran more deliveries at work just so I could walk some more. I guess it worked!

The Health Gestapo at school held a meeting on Friday. It was good for me to be there. Nobody in the group is big like me...actually, no one, in my opinion, is even overweight! But it's not for me to make these judgements. Some of them are really watching their food, weighing, measuring, counting, etc. I just can't do that. I have my own set of rules: Rule #1 - A deal is permanent - my deal is to eat smaller portions, drink more water, beef up the exercise; Rule #2 - No names - no sugar, no white flour, no eating off of another's plate or out of the trash (I could tell you horror stories about this); Rule #3 - Never open the package - Never eat the first cookie, nor the last one...they will know you did it!

After the meeting, I was taken to the weight room (against my will, kicking and screaming) and forced to get on one of those walking machines for older people with bad knees. After ten minutes, I passed out. I came to a few minutes later and heard the Gestapo yelling from the back of the room, "No sleeping on the machines! Go home and take a nap...on your own time!"

Well, onward then! Who's with me? Let's whip this puppy into shape!!! NO MORE EXCUSES, OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Melody said...

The pic of the doggy on the couch is EXACTLY how I feel right now. I need a nap, too!

Way to go with trying to change your lifestyle to be healtier. I am trying to do the same, but it is tough, isn't it!

Coffee Bean said...

Do you work in hell?