Saturday, February 21, 2009

One less...

Another week of fun and frivolity has come and gone! Working for a school district has its perks every now and then. We were off last Monday due to Presidents Day, so my week was a tad bit shorter. One drawback, however, was that being home with some very glorious food challenged my resolve! I caved!

Tuesday was a brand new day, and I held my head high as I walked through the doors of my daily thrash & bash routine. The ironic thing is that the Health Gestapo has morning bus duty and I have to walk past him in order to get to the office where I work. I think he is related to that guy on the new show, "Lie to Me." He knows that I've been a bad girl if I don't look him straight in the eye as I say "good morning." I put on my best actress face and looked at his nose when greeting him. Okay, so I wussed out. At least I didn't grab one of kids getting off the bus and use him as a shield...that would surely be job security for me!

So, Tootsie had some extra walks this week, and I consumed mass quantities of H2O. It all worked out less pound to lose, thank you God!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Remember to stay hydrated and fairly close to a loo!

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Chris H said...

H2O... is ikky! I love Diet Coke! I have not said any bad words today! wooo hooo!