Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Plateau Already?

Those of you who know what the title of this post means, please join me in one very big "Uggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! During this second week, we had some nasty ice & snow, and being the "balance challenged" person that I am, I did not walk the dog. Also, two snow days interrupted my 1.5 mile walks that I complete at work delivering messages, etc...(see 1/28/09 post on my other blog, "bizzymissliz" to see what I mean by "etc.") I couldn't chase the dog around the house because the kids had friends over and they threatened me to behave.

That's okay. I'm still off of refined sugar and white flour. Much of the snow melted yesterday, so I hope to get out today...after grocery shopping for football snacks, and taking Kayta out for her birthday dinner, and then preparing the football snacks, fighting for a good spot to watch the game (that ought to work off a few calories) and then cleaning up the debris and carnage left over from the game!

I hope that your Super Sunday is fun and relaxing!


Chris H said...

Plateau's suck! In order to get over one.. change something in your diet.. or exercise... do something different! Seems all you buggers are watching football!

Melody said...

Hope your team won!

I see that you got the link thing figured out in your last post; good for you! :-)