Sunday, March 8, 2009

In a Barbie World

So, just like Jay Leno gets his material from current events, I thought I might try a post in a similar way. Here goes!

Barbie is turning 50! Big deal! Yes, she is pretty, has awesome clothes, a really cool house and fast cars, but will her heels ever touch the ground? Will we ever see her without makeup? How will we ever know what she is feeling deep down inside?

I can tell you how I feel inside. And, I think I can speak for more than one of my three readers! We played with our Barbies, dressed them, took them shopping, and dreamed about how we would be beautiful like them when we were older. We were young and stupid! It wasn't until I was a teenager, and my body and face were not taking on the "Barbie" look, that I realized I had been duped! I didn't look anything like her and I never would! Boy, was I mad!

Most of us know that if a human woman was equipped with the same proportions as Barbie, she would fall over from the weight of her breasts. Well, some women today have managed to perfect "the look" with expensive enhancements, but it was a stupid dream...of both the designer, as well as millions of young girls, to think that they would ever look like her. Maybe that's why they came up with all of the different career Barbie dolls and clothes. "See, Barbie can be anything she wants...from an airline stew to a college grad to an astronaut or a doctor!" The "Career Barbie" tried to make us forget about looking like a fashion model and striving to become a professional. It worked for some.

Barbie was and always will be a toy. She wasn't meant to be a role model, but she somehow was moved into that position. Let's celebrate her longevity, as well as her evolution. Too bad she will never know what it's like to have cellulite or stretch marks!


Chris H said...

I NEVER had a Barbie as a child.... maybe that's why our Brylee now has 12, plus 3 Brats! lol

Lora said...

Barbie may never know what it is like to have stretchmarks, but (hopefully) we will never know what it is like to have our heads pulled off!

Melody said...

I ♥ Barbie.

Chris H said...

Bad words, who ME?? NO.. never....
ha ha ha... in fact I did of course say SOME bad words when Brylee was vomitting all over her bed, the floor and carpet! Better get praying mate! lol