Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yep, Just Another Excuse!

Writer's block has set in; the drama queens are fluffing their tutus more than before; Retro has started to make some life-altering changes; Rock's art teacher is cracking the whip...daily; Hero changed his status from "in a relationship" to "single":( and Tootsie's morning business is already on Daylight Savings...she's gotta go at 3:45am instead of 4:45am!!!!

Pick an excuse...any's been a real treat trying to keep up on my posts! How do other busy people do it? I guess it doesn't really matter. They seem to get it done. Okay...focus...concentrate...stop reading other people's blogs first. Stop stalking people on facebook. And, for heaven's sake, delete all the "FW:SEEN ON OPRAH, LOSE 50 POUNDS IN THREE DAYS!" from the email account!

I gained two pounds last week, and of course, feel like crud! There are black and blue marks all over my precious money-making, typist-freak hands from punching the laundry basket while folding clothes! It makes me think of the Paula Abdul song, "Two Steps Forward and One Step Back."

Today is a brand new day! I don't report to the Health Getsapo for another week! Let's get back on the horse I came in on and start rousting those doggies up and put them in the corral! (It's supposed to be a metaphor, but I'm not sure I got it right!)

Anyway, onward! Life is awesome - make someone smile today!


Melody said...

Blogs are whatever you want them to be, so don't beat yourself up. :-) Here is a message you might want to heed: I had one of their logos on my blog for a while to remind myself to not worry and just enjoy blogging.

Life sounds crazy busy at your house right now. I hope that it slows down a bit for you. {hugs}

Chris H said...

I am obviously not too busy to blog... *sigh*... being a 'kept' woman is all very well till you are left at home every day looking at housework to be ya BLOG instead! neat.

Lora said...

about the follower feature: you can follow with your blogger profile, the problem I was having was that I was signed onto my gmail account but I didn't sign into blogger. even tho they are technically the same (name and password) for some reason the computer didn't register it that way. Anyway, as long as you are signed in to blogger, your blogger profile will display. You can double check by clicking "options"!
have a good day!

Tracys Ramblings said...

Blogging isn't supposed to stress you out, dear. It's supposed to be a getaway from the stressers!
You could just do what I do when I have nothing to really write about. I just ramble on about anything and nothing and wala, you have yourself a post!