Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break - Partaaaaaay!

Today was the last day of school for us. We have ten days of NOT having to schedule my morning shower around everyone else; ten days of crawling back into bed after the bacon-bringer-home leaves for work; ten days of off-and-on computer play; and ten days of keeping the food on track.

Oh heck, I can do that! I spent seven hours today passing by boxes of donuts, cookies and cupcakes. Since I knew that if I had one, I would then have to have all of them. It is so much easier to not eat forbidden foods, than to try to monitor or make portions. I'm not very good with numbers; words are more my style. I have a tough time counting calories, points, grams, etc. What has been working for me is to decrease portion size. Instead of one pound of M&Ms, I limit myself to 1/2 pound. Arent' I the clever one?

I suppose I will now have to walk Tootsie a few more times each day in order to make up for the walking I usually do at work. She is going to be very confused as to why there are so many people home during her "special" alone time! I think she will forgive us as long as we include her in our conversations. She still does the 3:45am thing where we go out to check the "boat house." Sometimes, she just likes to sniff around to see which friends have been by lately.

My "random act of kindess" deeds are coming along fine. Sometimes, just a little "hello" to someone will brighten their day. It takes a lot less effort to smile than to frown, and since I'm a lazy person, it works very well for me. I'm always waving to cars passing by the house. My kids are humiliated because most of the time I don't know who is driving the car. I just wave in case it's someone who knows me...if I don't, I will have to apologize later for being a snob.

My plans for spring break include cleaning out cupboards and closets, and getting rid of all the Girl Scout art projects, swaps (I have two million safety pins if someone needs them for swaps!) and a ton of papers. Anyone in scouts knows that there are a lot of forms, letters and yellow "Troop" copies of every cookie sale and registration, and don't forget all of the leftover "April Showers" bags! I have ten years worth of stuff. I think it's time to say goodbye to a few things. I will be strong!

Or, I just might bail on the house stuff and go to the movies with the girls!

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Chris H said...

I hope you really enjoy your Spring Break... have fun... stuff the cupboards!