Wednesday, March 18, 2009

That Thing I Gave Up For Lent.....

Yeah...right! Well, I didn't actually give anything up. Instead, I was given the idea by fellow blogger, Dawn Meehan at BECAUSE I SAID SO to perform a random act of kindness each day of the Lenten season. Okay..okay...okay (remember Joe Pesci in the Lethal Weapon movies?) I have been diligent in trying to find kind acts to perform randomly. One can only open so many doors, let in so many cars, keep the mouth zipped while so many someones are flogging you verbally, and answer a call that you know will take 20 minutes when you only have five to spare!

I am so totally thrilled with one act randomly performed last week. This act was a joint venture of five women. I want to share with you the joy I received from one of the venturers in connection with this act.

Okay...okay...okay... Some of you know that I work at a middle school (grades 6,7 & 8). Some of our 8th grade girls were trying out for next fall's freshman cheerleading at the high school they will attend. About 20 or 30 girls signed up for the information meeting two weeks ago. Last week, the high school held a three-day clinic and then tryouts on Thursday. There were certain requirements the girls had to have prior to participating in the clinic and tryouts. One such requirement was a current (one year old) physical.

There were a few girls who had problems with the medical physical. One of those girls is a Voluntary Transfer Student who had a most difficult time getting her physical prior to the clinic. She was allowed to watch the clinic, but could not participate. Several of us at the school hold a special place in our hearts for this student. A couple of phone calls, emails and downright begging helped us get this girl ready for tryouts. We had no idea how she would perform, only that she is a very sweet girl, and if given the right circumstances, would shine as bright as Michael Jackson's glove.

As she left school on the day of tryouts, I wished her well, telling her that no matter what happened, she should just smile and have fun. I opened my school email this morning and found an email from one of our principals, telling me that she had made the squad!! I was so overcome with joy, I could not contain the tears! Okay...okay...okay...I scrambled for the tissue box and finally contained the tears! I thanked God, and then I thanked all of the people who had anything to do with getting her to the tryouts last week.

I just know she is going to be terrific! Okay...okay...okay...I know she will be totally awesome!!


Chris H said...

Awwww that is so neat. You must be so proud of her too.
I did lots of bad words yesterday! lol

Melody said...

How exciting!

Chris H said...

Ummmm.... you should stay on your knees... cos I swear far too often...even if half the time it's only in my head!
You need a cushion for ya knees? I could send you one! lol