Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sundays in My City - Wedding Road Trip

If I can't be at the beach, I guess I will go for the lake! That's exactly where we were this weekend, a whirling 36 hour trip to Diamond Lake, Michigan. I had to google the directions twice as I had no idea where this place was located. We drove six hours to South Bend, IN, waved at all the Notre Dame Freshmen moving into their dorms, took a one-half hour nap at the hotel, dressed in "the wedding clothes" and drove another 45 minutes to what I thought was going to be a traditional church wedding with all the "fixin's".

We were detoured through some interesting "rural" neighborhoods, but eventually arrived at the last road listed on the google map. As we drove past a house with cars parked neatly on the front lawn, we thought that someone else was having a party. When we came to the end of the street, we realized there was no church in sight. We turned around and went back to crash the party with the cars all over the front lawn. It turns out, the lawn, the house and the backyard that ended at the lake, was our intended destination!

As guests were arriving and slowing becoming inebriated due to the excellent service of the caterers, we ooooe'd and awe'd at the architecture of the spectacular home of the bride's mother. As I strolled from room to room on the bottom floor, I giggled thinking that Martha Stewart would either be proud or filled with envy. (Actually, my DH said that MS would hang herself with envy if she were here!) Every inch of every room was such a calming and pleasurable journey for the eyes! Out of respect, I left my camera outside. I actually thought about asking if she needed a housekeeper! Here is a daytime shot of the back of the house.

As soon as the guests were properly watered... it was time for the wedding to begin. The mother of the bride, and the bride descended from the porch steps and followed the walkway to the edge of the water. The groom then took the bride's hands and they faced each other as the official began the ceremony. The three of them were within a few feet of the lake. We were taking bets on the Court official falling in (she was literally less than a foot from the water).

There was a strong breeze that kept the bugs away (thank you Lord) and gave the lake a rippling effect. Bets were still going as the ceremony ended, with everyone still standing on land. The newlyweds hugged each other and the roar of clapping and laughter filled the air. It was now time to mingle, munch and drink some more beverages that would bring smiles to everyone!

The caterers were now put to the test. The hors d'oeuvres were just as beautiful to look at as they were tasty. Then, the buffet (boo-fay) was announced and slowly, everyone climbed the stairs to the house and made their way through the line in the kitchen (which also would have made Martha squirm with envy!). Everything on my plate seemed to melt in my mouth. I even ate the asparagus(and I hate asparagus)!

The insincerity of the DJ could be heard everywhere, but the music was great. There were songs played from as far back as the 40's. Some danced, some were still eating (ahem..) and some were making new friends as the bride and groom ascended to the back porch to cut the cake. Grandpa John sang his rendition of "Making Whoopee" (sp?). The forty-something cameras flashed continuously as everyone watched the bride and groom cut each other a piece of cake. And, yes, the redhead behaved himself and did not get any cake on his new bride's stunning wedding dress!

We slowly dragged our sorry buns to the car, and our driver, Rock, agreed to steer our carriage back to the hotel. As an Eagle Scout who has done his share of camping and hiking, he knew exactly where to drive, even the detours, and, in the dark!

The following morning we dressed, checked out of the humble cottage that provided us with "to-die-for" slumber the night before, and returned to the carriage, not speaking a word to anyone.

"Do you know where we are going" asked my DH.

"Yes," I replied in most kindest tone, "it's just down the street from the house." Well, moi had inadvertently forgotten to get precise directions, so, we turned around when the street came to a dead end. We made a call to the brother-in-law and within minutes, we arrived at the Yacht Club for brunch. Again, we were offered beverages that made us smile, and then a meal fit for anyone who belongs to a yacht club. It all melted easily and I didn't have to consume mass quantities knowing we would be driving straight through to our castle back home.

My weekend in a new time zone was filled with wonderful company, exquisite meals and a new appreciation for lakes and the generosity of the people who live near them.

Unknown Mami

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I live in St. Louis, Missouri, but I visited Michigan this weekend! Welcome to my city!


Unknown Mami said...

I would gladly be a live in housekeeper there. Gorgeous!

Jeanie said...

How beautiful. It sounds like you had a really good time. You made me hungry talking about all that good food.
I love being near the mountains, but I do miss have large lakes or a beach to do to.

mimbles said...

What an amazing looking house! The wedding sounded lovely and I'm so glad to hear no one ended up in the water ;-)

Julia Cates said...

Diamond Lake is so beautiful place.
Only lucky peoples can go there. So you are so lucky.
Thanks for share
wedding songs

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to celebrate a wedding.

Laura said...

In my next life I'm going to have that house....FYI.

Jenny said...

That is such a beautiful house - I think Martha would be very jealous :-)

Chris H said...

Wow what a gorgeous place!