Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday Wickedness - AJ Style

I recently found this great meme sponsored by Janera at Wednesday Wickedness. Each week, she posts quotes from a well-known celebrity, and then poses questions to the reader following the quotes. Angelina Jolie is this week's guest. I hope you enjoy her quotes and my sometimes quirky responses!

1. “All women do have a different sense of sexuality, or sense of fun, or sense of like what's sexy or cool or tough.” What do you do to feel sexy?

I look at pictures of me when I was 25.

2. “I don't think the money people in Hollywood have ever thought I was normal, but I am dedicated to my work and that's what counts.” Do you think people think you are normal?

Not in the least! I can back that up with testimony.

3. “If you ask people what they've always wanted to do, most people haven't done it. That breaks my heart.” What have you always wanted to do?

Brad Pitt. Actually, I really would love to learn the Tango, and then dance it with Brad Pitt.

4. “There's something about death that is comforting. The thought that you could die tomorrow frees you to appreciate your life now.” What do you appreciate the most about your life at this time?

Waking up at 5:00am every day and not finding any toe tags on me. Actually, I appreciate everything about my life; family, friends, sight, hearing and God's grace.

5. “Where ever I am I always find myself looking out the window wishing I was somewhere else.” If you could be somewhere else, where would you be and why?

I would be living in a modest cottage on the beach somewhere with warm weather so I could leave my windows open and listen to the waves. Ideally, Brad would be there, too!

6. “I need more sex, OK? Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world.” Have you ever felt that you need more sex to be happier?

Not, at all. I think the message that we need more sex to be happy is overrated, overly advertised, and totally unfounded. A good book, a good movie, the perfect mate, or a night out with my peeps can bring more, and longer lasting happiness than any shag could.

7. “If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I'm not frightened by anyone's perception of me.” Have you ever made a fool of yourself? If yes, spill.

At least once a day! Spill? Not on your life!

8. “I don't believe in guilt, I believe in living on impulse as long as you never intentionally hurt another person, and don't judge people in your life. I think you should live completely free.” How often do you feel guilty?

Angie, look where "living on impulse" has gotten you! Brad will have to build a shoe for all of the kids you have! And, someday you will be that old woman, and although you may not feel guilty, you may also not feel free. I feel guilty about not being better at life when I have so many opportunities to become better. I think it is a common feeling that is shared by many.

9. “I never like being touched, ever. People used to say I held my breath when they were hugging me. I still do.” Are you ever uncomfortable being touched?

Not in the least! Bring the touching on! I love the exchange of electricity I get when touched by my kids or good friends.

10. “Oh, God, I struggle with low self-esteem all the time! I think everyone does. I have so much wrong with me, it's unbelievable!” Give us an example of what you’ve done when feeling low self-esteem.

Eat until I pass out; max out the Visa; and hit a Starbucks with my BFFs.

Thanks for hanging out with me for a little while. Please pop over to Wicked and say hello! Just click on the logo for Wednesday Wickedness below!

Have a terrific Wednesday!


Jeanie said...

I wish we could go to Starbucks and explore these questions even more. Your answers are great.

Tarunita said...

Great answers!
Have a great Wednesday!


I am Harriet said...

I don't even know if I have any pictures of me when I was 25.

Have a great Wednesday.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Brad Pitt and the tango sound about right! Great job...

Toni said...

For somebody who hates being touched, Angelina sure didn't take that into consideration when deciding to have 100 kids. And who wouldn't want to be touched by The Pitt??? Loved this post & love your blog!

Ebie said...

Iced blended mocha for me!

AJ is such a beauty, and I love her charitable works!