Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"B" is for Butterfly House

The Butterfly House
Faust Park, St. Louis

Lunch is served!

Ed has been volunteering at The Butterfly House (click above) and decided to take her posse for a Saturday afternoon adventure. It's been a little rainy/gloomy/humid lately, causing her pictures to look as though they were taken in a steam bath. They actually were taken in a steam bath, but this bath belonged to butterflies!

Over 1,000 blue Morpho butterflies have been added to the collection this month. Their color, as evidenced above, is magnificent! Because there are so many of them, it was a little difficult to catch them while at rest. They don't rest. They are so excited to be here, they cannot control their erratic and mesmerizing dance. Here are a few more pics of this beautiful creature.

The House also has interactive exhibits like this! Ewwwwwwwwwww! Those suckers are huge!

(This is a post from about a year ago. I thought you might enjoy the beauty of this magnificent creature!) Thank you, Jenny Matlock, for hosting this always interesting weekly classroom assignment using letters of the alphabet as prompts for writing posts. Please stop by Jenny Matlock, Off On My Tangent, by clicking on the logo below and enjoy some very entertaining assignments from others!

Jenny Matlock


Dominique Goh said...

That's a really beautiful butterfly house.. I'm been wanting to bring the kids to see butterflies but haven't gotten the time to do so.

La said...

I love the bright blue butterfly.

Vicki aka Jake said...

I love butterflys and their designs.Don't think you could find a brighter blue either:) Truly awesome!

storybeader said...

that must be fun, walking through 100s of butterflies! I've been to arboretums that have butterflies sections, but a whole house! {:-D

Judie said...

We have an annual butterfly exhibit at our botanical garden. It really is a wonder to see all those beautiful creatures.

Sue said...

I think I would LOVE the butterfly house. I KNOW my granddaughter would!!


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

They are simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

upinthecosmos said...

I love butterflies! Beautiful! Stop in & read B is for Balkanized

GutsyWriter said...

I have a beautiful collection of Blue
Morpho butterflies from a garage ssale where I found them in a display case. Remind me of Belize.

Karen S. said...

Oh what a lovely post! We have a beautiful fully packed butterfly house at the fairgrounds and it's so fun going there....they are just so light and lovely!

Jenny said...

You are sooo welcome. And thank you for sharing this post.

When we get irrigation in our yard we often end up with a roach or two so that part of your post gave me the heebie jeebies! But I loved all the butterflies. That color is absolutely breathtaking!

Thanks for another fascinating stop this week!

I love when you link up!


Chris H said...

OOOH those blue butterflies are just gorgeous!