Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Fragments of My Imagination

It's been a while since I've participated in Friday Fragments. This is a wonderful place to write about the different things going on with you, all of which would not necessarily make an entire post. Mrs.4444 (Mrs. Fours) of "Half-Past Kissin' Time" is the lovely host of this blog which often reveals bits and pieces of us through our rambling...well, my rambling, anyway!

My week began in a sort of down spiral from events of my weekend. On Saturday, I attended the memorial service for the daughter of a good friend who recently passed away. She was only 23 years old and her death was a shock to many. The service was beautiful, with many tears shed. My friend was very courageous and compelled to comfort those of us who came to comfort her.

As I returned to my car, I turned my cell phone back on and saw that I had missed a call. The call was from a dear and long-time family friend, whose mother I had called a week prior. I knew immediately that the call was not going to be good news, so I drove straight home and called my friend. Our parents had been very close friends for about 40 years. We grew up thinking we were all cousins. Yes, my aunt had passed on about two months ago.

As the week passed and the sun came out, I felt a little more human and actually, felt just a little spunky! I'm not normally spunky, but I began to feel that way. I think spunky is when I do my best writing. Let's see what happens with that.

The American Idol extravaganza is something I look forward to every January. I send out a Lost & Found email to my fellow workers almost every day, and good material is sometimes hard to find. I enjoy being a "Joan Rivers" when commenting and keeping everyone up to date on the show. Last night's show was "true drama" in its best form. The contestants this year are too talented, too smart and too nice to really fulfill the producers expectations of high drama. So, they create their own, by picking the performances apart, or spicing up relationships, etc. I know that the people who vote for the shows contestants probably have an IQ that averages out to about 50. Some can appreciate the talent, and some just have their favorites for whatever reason. Since there is not enough contestant drama, the producers create their own by kicking off some of the better talent. This upsets a lot of people and then the next week, the numbers are way up! When friends at work discuss the show with me, I find myself talking as if I know everyone on the show. Pretty sad, isn't it? Oh well, I'm having fun with it, and I hope most people are, too!

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Chris H said...

I love watching American Idol... but I miss Simon heaps! He was totally cool.
Pia proved she can really sing last night... I don't know if we are behind you or not but it was a good show.

Betty said...

I can´t watch AI here, because hubby hates it and we watch TV together.
So sorry about your friends daughter and your aunt. It really makes you think when two loved ones leave us so suddenly.

Kristin - The Goat said...

I'm loving AI, but Simon's to the point critique is missed. I think it's a bit more sugar coated now. I didn't think I'd love Steven Tyler as much as I do though. :)

brainella said...

I've never watched AI. "Reality" TV does nothing for me, and honestly -- I find it difficult to watch people sing and get critiqued. It makes me uncomfortable. Give me a good cop show and a little beefcake and I'm good. :)