Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fragments - How Was Your Week?

Welcome to my contribution to this week's Friday Fragments. This is a wonderful place to write about the different things going on with you, each of which would not necessarily make an entire post by themselves. Mrs.4444 (Mrs. Fours) of "Half-Past Kissin' Time" is the lovely host of this blog which often reveals bits and pieces of us through our rambling...well, my rambling, anyway!

As you can see by the pitiful photo above, we didn't have the best of weeks! Poor Ed, she and the bus said howdy to a brainless SUV who must have been temporarily blinded and clueless to traffic due to the rain... Praise the Lord, Ed is fine. After five hours of exams, tests, poking & prodding, she was told that she had a few bumps and bruises, but would be okay. I felt like it was me that had the accident!

We have four more weeks of school. Yessssss!!!! I just know that they will zoom by in no time! There's such a wonderful feeling when one can "see the light at the end of the tunnel!" State testing is over, as are class field trips. No more lonely days in the Guidance Office. The kids are so wired that they just can't keep those nasty words in, nor can they keep their hands off of the other kids who have been bugging them all year. Every day this week I have had two or three guests because they "just can't function" in the classroom. That's okay. I have just as much pent-up stress as they do. We have a lot of fun. I make them alphabetize papers, sharpen pencils and organize the books in the Lost & Found. After a day with me, they are happy to return to class so they can "function!"

I am sending thoughts and prayers to all of the tornado victims in the eastern part of the country. We had some damage here in St. Louis, but all lives were spared. My heart aches for those families who not only lost property, but also family and friends. May the days ahead be filled with the assistance needed to carry on with their lives.

I didn't wake up to watch the Royal Wedding, but was getting ready for work so I caught the ceremony and the trip back to the Palace. I thought it was wonderful, tasteful and filled with very interesting hats. What's up with that? Doesn't anybody over there get "hat hair?" I can't even wear a scarf for more than 20 minutes without having to wash & blow dry my silver locks.

Thanks for hanging in there while I rambled! I hope you have a wonderful weekend watching all your TV shows that were taped during the week!

Please stop over and say hello to Mrs.4444. I know she would love for you to enjoy some of the Fragments from her other friends!

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Annesphamily said...

This hat with the giant bow was soemthing else. I think the Queen may want to take her grand daughters shopping! But the royal wedding was elegant and very classic.

Jeanie said...

I may be sending a second comment-
Anyway, I'm glad Ed is okay after the accident. Those "Mom, I had an accident" calls are no fun.

Betty said...

Those hats really look AWFUL!!! I can´t imagine EVER wearing something like that.
I´m so glad Ed was ok after the accident! That is so scary to have your kid involved in something like that. I know. Mine has had 3 accidents already! ;( All of them not her fault.
Hope you have a good weekend!

qandlequeen said...

BOO! So sorry about the VW bus. I had a VW squareback that I simply LOVED. Hope the repairs are quick and cheap.

You got an awesome picture of the airport. Stunning the damage in the area, isn't it? Moreover is how quickly some of it is cleaning up. Thoughts and prayers to the people in Alabama - they got it so much worse.

Chris H said...

OH the poor VW! Glad Ed was ok though.
That hat worn by P. Beatrice is hideous! Maybe you don't think so, but I do!

Jenny said...

Glad Ed is OK! The poor bug!

I gree the hats were crazy. Maybe Fergie picked them out, since she wasn't invited.