Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday Centus - May & April

Here we are once again where our friend Jenny Matlock, of Off On My Tangent fame throws us a nice & easy slider (it's baseball season, okay?). This week we need to write a 100 words or less using the prompt, April showers bring May flowers. We could write about the obvious, or we could get step outside the box and write something really silly! You decide! Here we go! The prompt is in bold.

It was hot. Nola and her sisters had just finished their chores. Tired and sweaty, they walked home.

"I want to shower" April shouted. "It is so dang hot!" Poppa had built an outdoor shower next to the garden. All the run-off ended up in the garden, and during spring, they would grow some amazing Marigolds. Fernmae worked the garden.

April sang “99 Bottles” during her shower. The run-off was so heavy that Fernmae asked Nola to help. It flowed fast and the Marigolds uprooted ending up at the back door. Mama came out, picked up the flowers and put them in a vase on the sill. You could say that April's Showers sometimes bring Fernmae's Flowers!

My inspiration for the story is this picture. Nola is in the middle.

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Jenny Matlock


Jeanie said...

Good story, Liz, with lots of great imagery in a few words.

Karen S. said...

Oh such a sweet (fun-filled) story and great photo (especially the cowboy) you stepped out of the box so very nicely indeed! Thanks!

Nonna Beach said...

Well written and sweet story !!!

I love it that the marigolds ended up on the window sill...reminded me of all the little flowers my sweet children gave me over the years.I put them in a small vase or glass up on the sill so I could enjoy them while doing the dishes !

Sue said...

Nice job! I always love having a few flowers in my window.


Ames said...

That is a good story. And that picture reminds me of the women in the Woman Homesteaders book I bought when I visited Bannack State Park in Montana.~Ames

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

haha!!! love how you ended that with your version of "april showers...bring...Fernmae's flowers"

Blessings & Aloha!
Oh...and it's not unusal for me to wonder if I am here or there!!! So just in case I didnt say this already...Thank you for your visit and comment. I'm happy that you enjoy the art that I do and look forward to your visits any time :o)

Jo said...

What a great story ... the photo was a wonderful inspiration point!

Debbie said...

That was so fun and very clever!

cj Schlottman said...

Very concrete and real, which makes it very visual. Good writing. I love that the flowers ended in window. That is indeed taking lemons and making lemonade.


Jenny said...

What a different use of the prompt. Love that picture and you crafting a unique little direction for this story.

Thanks for participating.