Thursday, November 4, 2010

Writer's Workshop - Passionate Life

In answer to one of the prompts from Mama Kat over at Mama's Losin' It, I'd like to share a dream I once had.

When I was ten, my grandmother took me to see Mary Poppins. I LOVED IT, and secretly wanted to see it 100 more times. I loved the Mary Poppins character and wanted so badly to be her. It was then and there that I began my passion to be a movie star (not actor, but movie star). I read all the movie star magazines and learned as much as I could about my favorite movie stars, but I didn't personally know anyone who was a movie star. I became discouraged because I thought one had to live in Hollywood or Beverly Hills to be a movie star, not boring Orange County.

In sixth grade, I wrote a short play, got friends to commit to parts and started raising funds to help pay for...whatever expenses one has with putting on a play. I think I collected about $3 in change. I became discouraged because all of a sudden everyone had other riding bikes with Joey, practicing piano, and babysitting younger siblings. So the idea sort of died.

When I was in high school and saw how weird all of the drama people were, I thought I would never be a movie star because I'm not that weird. Little did I know that I was that weird, but didn't want anyone else to know. I was involved with student government, which was sponsored by the drama teacher. I thought he was weird, and he felt the same about me. He never asked me to be in any of his plays. At this point, I still did not make the connection between actors and movie stars.
(And I wonder where my kids get their stupid genes?)

I finally got it together in my mid-20's and took some acting classes...duh! The school I attended would send us out as extras on non-union commercials, movies, etc. I was told that I would be good at coffee commercials, because I looked like a mom. Thanks for nothing! I did not become a movie star, but I did get my "15 minutes" with a commercial for a local grocery store. I impressed the nieces and nephews, but they didn't have any pull in Hollywood. The more classes I took, the more I found how little I knew about everything! I took a voice class and had to sing a song in front of the class for the final. That was some scary stuff! The song I sang did not make it to the Billboard 100, but it did give me something to sing to my babies as I rocked them. They thought my singing was great! What did they know? As long as they got some one on one, they were happy!

That was my passion for most of my young adult life. Now, at midlife, my passion is writing...I can do it in my jammies and it doesn't matter how much I weigh! And, because of technology, I can do my work, and read the work of others who have the same passion...and I no longer feel weird!

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Anonymous said...

The first thing that caught me was how, at an early age, you separated "actor" from "movie star." I never thought about it, but there is a real difference that you captured. Funny about the high school experience! And how your passion changed.

Do you think that it would have turned towards writing if you'd never explored your dream to be a movie start? If you had just gone into another "ordinary" career? Would writing have come? Or do you think that studying and becoming an actor gave you a realization that turned you to your talent of writing? Its an interesting idea.

Jeanie said...

I think the key is to have a passion, whatever it is. I am glad you are enjoying your passion for writing, but keep in mind it is never too late, you could still become a weird drama person, or maybe a funny comedic actress and then you could write about it. Just a thought.

Unknown Mami said...

I think now you are a blog star.

Chris H said...

So... the big question: Just how many times have you seen 'The Sound Of Music' now? lol

Oddyssey said...

Wonderful job on your prompt! The story flowed really well and I quite enjoyed it. There was one part at the very end where I think you may have left out something... "I can my work..." "I can what?" Other than that, I loved the humor and how you tied your younger self to yourself as you are now. Thanks for writing!

Emily said...

I guess acting or singing was a popular choice. I wrote about the same thing!

Lisa Ladrido said...

It is funny how many of us chose this prompt! Love your post!

Following you from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop!~Lisa
I am all a twitter about life

Mrs4444 said...

I loved this.

"I impressed the nieces and nephews, but they didn't have any pull in Hollywood." This made me laugh out loud! :)