Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rose Parade Leftovers

"I feel like an idiot" Otto complained. “This Fez-like hat is such a joke! They were supposed to remove all props at the end of the parade. I'm still wearing this stupid fake ice hat, and my arms and legs are still covered with the same, stupid fake ice! And, as if I couldn't be humiliated any more, some stupid paparazzi clicks away, and now I'm on the front of 'The Citrus Star', along with all the other stupid Rose Parade leftovers, and I fear that I will be remembered for this ridiculous look! Will somebody please just squeeze me?”

Jenny Matlock, threw us a zinger this week for Saturday Centus, and instead of writing 100 words or less in response to a written prompt, she wants us to write about a picture. Jenny, you are so strict sometimes!

Please click on the logo below and read some very creative stories about an ice covered orange!

Jenny Matlock

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Jeanie said...

Good enough that I could picture the grumpy, fez-wearing Otto. I liked your "squeeze me" line.

Anna said...

Good solution to this picture-prompt. Some of us have gone a similar path as you, and personified the orange. Not many have made the snow fake. Great centus. Kinda cute, too.
Best wishes,
Anna's SC#36

Kat said...

Great response to the prompt. I can "hear" his voice! Interesting how many of us saw a hat, but took it in so many different directions. Well done! Kat

gautami tripathy said...

Great Centus...Loved Squeeze me!

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Jo said...

love the last line ... love that the snow was fake!

gautami tripathy said...

Here I come to squeeze you!

destined destination

Tgoette said...

What a fun and creative spin on the photo prompt! I think those faux snow fezzes are very GQ! Not here, but probably in Paris or Milan where people can get away with putting stupid stuff on their heads. Great job!

Sue said...


"Squeeze me..."


Jenny said...

Brilliant! Brilliant!

I hope you can hear my applause from here! This was so clever!

Loved what you did here!



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