Sunday, January 16, 2011

To Be Invisible

I've been following this great blog called "Sunday Scribblings" for a few weeks, but just haven't gotten up the nerve to put it out there yet. Each week, we followers are given a prompt with which to write about, either in story or prose (or even song I think!) This Sunday's prompt is "Invisible."

So many times I have wished to be completely the time I was late to class in junior high school and wiped out when I tried to swing my ever-so-delicate butt into my chair. My face caught fire with embarrassment. To top it off, the teacher accused me of purposely falling to get attention!

How about the story behind the movie "The Invisible" where a teen who isn't aware he has died, continues to walk among the living, attempting to communicate, but no one responds to him. There was a time that I felt as though I could have been that boy, when I was back in high school at a dance. It seemed like all the girls around me were getting asked to dance. Boys would brush by to ask the girl behind or next to me if they wanted to dance. I would smile but they just seemed to look right through me.

How come I could never be the invisible one in my dreams? I wanted to follow people around just to see what their life was like. I so wanted to see how others dealt with certain circumstances, whether they triumphed with joy, or shriveled with fear. Instead, and in most instances, I was followed by an invisible whom I never knew. Sometimes it was a comfort. Other times it scared the crap out of me. I could feel someone close to me; I could hear whispering voices; and I could see the results of negative antics. (I must have watched too many Twilight Zone shows when I was a kid!)

I think most of us want to be a part of life...almost any form of it, as opposed to being invisible somewhere, observing as it all happens around us.

Please stop by Sunday Scribblings and shower yourself with some very creative writings!

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great week!


Abigail Bunting said...

I agree with you-I'd rather be the one who falls than the one who sits invisibly by in the corner.
Well written!
"On Paper Wings"

oldegg said...

Well you have stopped being a procrastinator, welcome aboard!

Great post and photo too, where the subject was not the young man but the back view of one of the other pedestrians.

Looking forward to more work from you. I am glad I stopped by.

gigi said...

Loved this, very well written.

Giggles said...

Glad to see your along for the ride! A great start! Most of my friends prefer to be rather invisible, I never have until now! I guess there are times in your life when it feels right! Well written, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

First time posting as well. Enjoyed the read.

alphawoman said...

Throughly enjoyable read. Look forward to reading more.

alphawoman said...

Throughly enjoyable read. Look forward to reading more.

Natalie Jean (Bottoms) Kelsey said...

I love the name and picture to your blog, awesome...
Great story too...Sometimes I play invisible with my super powers...usually works until I giggle :)