Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wednesday Wickedness - Walk This Way

Welcome to the always fascinating meme sponsored by Wednesday Wickedness. Each week, Janera Jepson posts quotes from a well-known celebrity, and then poses questions to the reader following the quotes. This week's meme posts quotes from well-known musician, actor, father, grandfather, and American Idol judge, Steven Tyler! Enjoy his quotes, the questions and my silly responses!

1. And the things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those that got there first. When was the last time that you wanted to do something, but it was all done before you got there?

Eat dessert!

2. As good as I am, I'm nothing without my band. Do you feel there is anyone you could not do without?

My best girlfriends and my kids!

3. Back then it was nothing like today. So you'd go to the bowling alley. We bowled and you could be in the back and you could make out, you know? And you know how hot it was to make out. When you were young and innocent, what place did you make out?

Back seats of cars; school bleachers; movie theatres; Disneyland rides; the beach.

4. Drugs will get you out of your own way, but we lived it, and that's dangerous. It can actually turn around on itself and steal your soul, and that's what happened. Were you ever tempted by something that could “steal your soul”?

Yes, when I was up for the part of "Elvira, Mistress of the Night." I wouldn't worship directors who made horror films because I thought they were the Devil's posse.

5. Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us. How do you deal with sorrow?

I give myself time to be sad (about 10 minutes) and then I go out to lunch with a friend. Actually, I deal with sorrow by writing.

6. Fake it until you make it. Did you ever have dreams of making it in showbiz in some capacity?

Yes I did...for about 15 years. In fact, I still have dreams of being involved in some capacity...getting coffee; picking up dry cleaning; giving shoulder rubs; writing a brilliant screenplay.

7. Humility is really important because it keeps you fresh and new. What keeps you fresh and new?

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder.

8. I don't mind being a grandfather. If you are a grandparent, do you at first “mind it”? If you aren't, how do you think that you would feel about it?

I would love to be a grandparent. But I won't pressure my kids, especially the non-married ones.

9. I grew up in New Hampshire. My closest neighbor was a mile away. The deer and the raccoons were my friends. So I would spend time walking through the woods, looking for the most beautiful tropical thing that can survive the winter in the woods in New Hampshire. Do you enjoy winter where you live?

I love winter where I live because all of the bugs go away. I hate bugs! Also, winter is the only time that it's okay to look like a bear in your clothes.

10. I have to get inspired by something that touches my soul, or rocks my soul. What rocks your soul?

Music and lyrics rock my soul. Meaningful and uplifting words rock my soul. Really hot guys rock my soul.

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Jeanie said...

You showed us your "wicked" side again, with a great side of humor. As usual, your answers were better than the celebrity's.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I am so with you on bugs. Great job!