Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alphabe-Thursday - "T" is for Tutu!!

It's Alphabe-Thursday once again and this week we are honoring the letter "T". Each week, our fearless leader/teacher, Jenny Matlock, calls class to order and instructs us to post something using a letter of the alphabet. I chose "T" for Tutus!

Growing up, I loved to dance. I still do...I just do it a little slower. I always fantasized about dancing in a professional dance company. As I got older, and started to think about what profession I would choose as an adult...someone... somewhere along the line...said that dancers don't make any money...therefore, I would not be able to live on a dancer's salary. I took a different road at that point, but I never, ever have lost my obsession with dance or Tutus!

I hope you enjoy some of these. I spent an hour in Tutu Wonderland trying to choose my favorites!

Well, if it isn't Queen Amidala, herself! From the movie "Black Swan" it's Natalie Portman.

Nothing says cute better than a baby in a Tutu - don'tcha think?

They call this one "Ancient Ballet." I think it looks like a "Tutu who vants to be alone!"

A colorful and well made Tutu can take you away to a very happy place!

"Do you like our (snort) little pink (snort, snort) Tutus?

A good Tutu doesn't always need to be "fluffy!"

Okay...who let these little pixies in here? Katya and Ed go "Tutu-wood!"

Thanks for the visit! Please stop over at "Alphabe-Thursday" by clicking on the logo below and you just might learn a new "T" word!

Jenny Matlock

P.S. - I was late turning in my Letter "S" homework last week. If you have a minute, please check out my "Sisters" post!

Have a great day!


Karen S. said...

Oh what lovely photos...excellent and cheery...and but of course a baby in a tutu is beautiful! Especially if there's dancing involved I love it too...most all my friends in grade school went to dance class not me...but I would pretend in my own room and dance...and I'm still dancing (for fun) this is a marvelous T for Jenny she should love it!

jackiesown said...

with my size I need a fourfour lol
cute pictures

Ames said...

I love this post. My daughter is finally having a little girl and she is going tutu crazy! She also loves pink pigs! So this post is close to my heart. ~Ames

fredamans said...

So adorable!

Jackie said...

I've never imagined tutus like this before . that one does look like it wants to be alone and those green ones do resemble some fantasy and I love the unfluffy tutu and the pigs *snort*

JDaniel4's Mom said...

There is such elegance in a tutu!

jen said...

New follower here!
I wanted to be a dancer so bad as a girl, but no cash for lessons.
Now I have three girls, and my two older ones have taken gymnastics.
That baby is cursed with a future of leos and tutus!

tracy said...

Love these tutu pictures! I should still wear tutus!

Jo said...

what wonderful photos! i love a god tutu!!!

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

There's no way I could stand on my Toes, but I sure love a good TuTu! Great TuTu photos and a fun Letter T post. Well done!

Chris H said...

Ha ha, I love the tutu photos!

Theresa said...

Great t word! Enjoyed all the tutus!

Judie said...

The first picture is my favorite! What a great idea for the letter T.

Jenny said...

Oh gosh. Is there anything sweeter in the world then a little girl on a tutu?

Well, maybe a pig!

What a terrific link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "T".

Thanks for the smile!

Loved this link.


Unknown Mami said...

Little girls in tutus just make me happy.

Vicki aka Jake said...

Tutued pigs! Not as cute as the tutued little gals, but funny!

Jingle said...

love these,
your post tickles.

Keri said...

Fabulous photos. Really nice blog.. I'm following


Boozy Tooth said...

I have a crush on your photos. I am deep deep in love with the piggies.

Can't wait to come back and see what you have for us next!

♥ Alix

tattytiara said...

Yes - I love that tutus are becoming popular again, they're so pretty!

Barbara said...

Had to stop over to say thanks after you commented on my blog. Adorable photos. Love ballet, tutus all of it. If I'd had a girl she would have taken ballet classes for sure.
I'll be back!

GutsyWriter said...

I just watched half of the "Black Swan" movie. I couldn't watch when the nail file bit. I wonder if this is really what the ballet world is like today? The costumes are beautiful.