Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Fragments - BRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Hi and welcome to Mrs4444's Friday post where we can share events, or present ideas for world peace, or comment on the mundane activities of our past week. Regardless, Friday Fragments is just that; fragments which are pieces of a whole post, but not as long.

We had three snow days this week in St. Louis. The snow couldn't have come at a worse time for our schools. We are in the middle of registration for next year, Parent Teacher Conferences, field trips, etc. HOWEVER, it sure has been nice sleeping in a little, flipping a coin to see who shovels the driveway, and the decision of whether to have french toast or waffles for breakfast!

My van, which has been deceased for three weeks, my have a "miracle" operation and live once more! After towing it to two separate places, it was delivered to the car hospital for diagnosis. She's had a good life during the past eight years. Trips to Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago and Austin were some of the best family outings we had. If it wasn't for club volleyball, we may never had seen such interesting places. Aside from the jammed driver side window (stuck in the closed position) and turn signals that must be manually turned off after every turn, we have wonderful memories of getting to and from in warmth, coolness and with all of our friends.

Time to prepare taxes. This is such a depressing subject, I won't say any more, except that I wish you all as large of a return as is possible!

Just a little more shoveling to do before the next storm hits us on Sunday.


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Jeanie said...

We have had a little warm up (30s) before the next storm hits here tomorrow night or Sunday. Sigh!
I hope your van finds the will to live.

Doreen McGettigan said...

Oh poor van; I get so attached to my vehicles!
Taxes Ugghhh; Corporate taxes Uggghhier no big returns here :(
We are expecting more snow here in Philly tomorrow..we have a wedding so I hope it holds off.
Have a great weekend...

Mrs4444 said...

Seeing "GO PACK" on your blog made my heart skip a beat! SO exciting! Sunday cannot come quickly enough!

I can't believe all the snow you've been getting! Snow days are awesome, but after a while, you start to worry about making them up. Do you have any freebies left?

Good luck with your van!!!

Karen S. said...

Sometimes we are powerless without our wheels, and we seem to just love them to pieces, and like you have really fond memories with them. Good luck on your next storm, hopefully the groundhog is right and spring is coming soon! Take care!

Betty said...

We just had our taxes done last month. It was actually not that bad. But I dread it every year too.
Hope you stay warm for the next storm!

Chris H said...

I hope the 'hospital' bill is not too huge!
We all need our wheels.
Snow... brrrrrr... you said it!
We get NONE where I live... yaaaaa.

Jenny said...

I love snowy posts!

Good luck with the hospital bill.