Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alphabet Thursday - S is for Sisters!

I grew up the only girl with two brothers. I always wanted a sister. I have a girl cousin who grew up with four brothers. We decided we would be sisters! We lived 3,000 miles from each other, but we wrote letters back and forth from a single digit age to the invention of the computer and beyond. We may have taken different roads, but we do our best to stay in touch. My cousin is an extraordinary artist who paints, sketches, writes, and now makes fabulous jewelry for her own company (Yasek Design Jewelry). I'd like to think my talent has been in raising my children. I'm still working at it, and it's a career that I dearly love.

My two daughters are sisters in every way. They laugh, they argue, they borrow each others things, and they stay up late many nights just talking about stuff. Their personalities are like night and day. They bring out the best and worst in each other. I see them spending the rest of their lives entwined!

Sisters can also be friends who are brought together by a common thread, like having children of similar ages, illness, support groups, or simply sharing the same dreams. I love this picture of some friends of mine who have lived their lives together through their children, through illness and through just about any conceivable emotion, good or bad. Each one of them would drop everything if another one of them needed help, especially if it involved a party!

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Jenny Matlock


Jeanie said...

I don't have a sister and have always wished I did. I am very grateful that my two daughters are the best of friends.

Karen S. said...

And I always wanted a brother! (So I had two boys and 1 girl! This is a special tribute to sisterhood, and daughterhood...lovely choice you made! Have a great week!

Judy said...

I don't have a blood sister either.... and always wanted one.... until I found "my sisters" (the priceless friends who just happen to be in the photo you selected). I believe we will always be family to one another no matter where God takes us. Thanks for reminding me of what a special gift I've been given.

Betty said...

I have two sisters, but both are very different than me. Sometimes our "adopted" sisters are better than the real ones.
My girls are just like yours. Very different but they love each other.

Jenny said...

I have three sisters and have only been close to one.

This post reminds me that I really need to try harder with my older sister.

Thanks for a splendid link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "S".

Let me know if you need me to open the linky if you're late.

I'm always happy to do that!