Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fragments Episode #104

Just a cool shot of Her Royal Gagness....from last week's concert!

I just finished week one of a two week temp job. I am exhausted, but I love the place where I work. It has, however, crimped my blogging time as the computer has a watch dog built into it. So, I write my posts in Word, email it to myself, then post it at night if I don't fall asleep face down at the dinner table!

This week I left "To Do" lists for my lovely cheribums! Katya jumped on hers and completed the list in two days! Edwina is still working on item #1. Rock is...well, Rock will come through eventually. He's still chilling from 17 years of back-breaking school! I even gave a list to Hero, who is on his own, but still likes to hear from me! I'm sure he had a good belly laugh when he read his list!

It's bug central at the No Excuses house! They all found out that I killed a momma spider last week, and then smashed her gazillion babies. Now, the house is bombarded with all kinds of critters out to get revenge! The problem is, I can only feel them crawling on me, but can't see them! It must be the ghosts of all of the bugs I've ever smashed! What goes around....!

Hope your day is great and that all your worries run and hide when they see you coming! Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you to the wonderful Mrs4444 for hosting this great Friday forum where we can talk about anything that might not make a whole post! Just click on the logo below and you will be swiftly transported to her blog!

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GutsyWriter said...

I'd love to hear what the temp job is. Wow. Lady Gaga, certainly knows how to stand out in a crowd.

brainella said...

My philosophy with bugs is "Smash now, ask no questions later." If the bugs don't like it, they are welcome to the same treatment. Squish away!

Jeanie said...

The part about the bugs has made me a little squirmy.
You sound like quite an optimist making those "to do" lists. It sounds like you have had at least some success though.

Betty said...

It´s good to work somewhere where you love it. I can´t blog at work either. I sometimes write my posts in an email to myself too. :)
Your kids sound so delightfully normal with their "to do" lists.

Carolee said...

We found a bug the other day shedding it's shell.

That one we did not kill- it was too cool watching it!

Visiting late from Friday Frags.

Mrs4444 said...

You saw Lady G in concert? That's pretty cool!

I am so glad you're liking your temp job! Sometimes, it's hard to feel connected with a place when you're a temp. Good for you :)