Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Fragments - ADD Style

Not than anyone who contributes to this wonderful Friday segment has any form of an attention disorder... I speak for myself in this regard. Every wonderful day of my life is filled with fragments; there is nothing structured, even while I am at work. I am in awe of how the heck I ever get anything done! Every now and then my head will whip around and I realize, that it is just God smacking me upside it to help me get it together. After that, my thinking improves and I start with the lists!

Princess Katya returned from China on Monday night, after a six-hour layover in Los Angeles. It was only supposed to be a three hour layover, but someone....and I'm not naming names....plugged up the toilet in the plane after everyone had boarded. When the airline potty specialists couldn't rectify (no pun intended) the situation, everyone was asked to deplane, luggage and all. The next available plane took off three hours later and there were many joyous reunions at 11:30pm in St. Louis. We took balloons so that Katya would see us right away. (Like any aiport is going to be crowded at 11:30pm!) It was a late night for me, especially since I worked the next day. I told Katya to sleep for about two days or until she couldn't hold it any longer. Poor thing was still on China time and could not get to sleep until 4:00am. She's almost back to Central Time at this point. Pictures and stories to come this weekend.

Rock, who is/was/always will be my Rock Star, played a game of softball with friends this week. He slid into second base and took off the first layer of skin from his calf, the size of a banana leaf. He was so brave...he didn't even tell me until the next day. As I looked in horror, he asked me what he should do. I would have called 911, and taken a ride with some of Missouri's hottest looking guys! But, since Rock is not really interested in guys, we got him cleaned up and gave him a drum of neosporene. He had a birthday party to attend, and didn't want to gross out the guests, so he wrapped it and still received a ton of sympathy. All the girls wanted to take care of him! It looks really gnarly now that it is scabbing, but at least there are no signs of infection!

I finish up another temp job this week. It's a place where I've worked before, so the routine is not scary. It's trying to remember the names of everyone that is a challenge. By the end of the week, I can name about a dozen of the 80 people in office. The employees here are really wonderful and so understanding when I send them phone calls that have nothing to do with their area! I like working for air conditioning companies; their air is always working! This is a plus for me and my chubby little thighs during the awesome summer months in St. Louis - 95 degrees with 90% humidity.

The Holiday weekend is upon us! What fun things are you doing? There are a gazillion things going on in downtown St. Louis. But, in case I haven't mentioned it before, I'm a little uncomfortable with crowds. We will watch the fireworks from the parking lot of a church close to our house. There are three shows held during the time between 9:00pm and 9:30pm. We bring the lawn chairs, snacks and bug spray!

Happy Fourth of July! Have a great weekend!

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Jeanie said...

The ADD style seems to work for me. Sometimes I feel like I leave ADD comments when a post has a lot in it. We used to be able to watch fireworks from our deck, but our town is not doing them this year due to budget problems. I guess we'll just listen to the ones the neighbor kids are doing in the open space behind us and hope there is not a fire. Have a great weekend. I will be looking forward to hearing about the China trip.

jewelknits said...

I think fragments lend themselves well to the ADD style - my not-so-bebe girl is going to Korea this summer :( ... this is her last year before college and I can't believe the last girl is almost a grownup. Will be heading to the middle bebe girl's house tomorrow with grill and pool in hand for the grandbebes to have a backyard cookout, then on Sunday, it's fireworks time for me and my Bebe Boy to have some mommy/son bonding over the lights and sounds!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

Megan said...

Bummer about the layover, but glad Katya is getting back to normal time.

Ouch at the nastiness that was Rock's calf. Good to hear there's no infection and he got the sympathy he was looking for. LOL

Working for an A/C company definitely sounds ideal in the kind of heat you're getting. LOL

Happy 4th!!

Mrs4444 said...

Brilliant and awesome?! You are too kind! Thanks for linking up this week!

I don't really care about fireworks that much, but I think we're going to go fishing as a family to celebrate the 4th.

Glad to know Katya made it home without too much fuss. I look forward to reading about her trip.

Maybe Rock will have a nice looking scar for all his bravery; chicks dig that stuff!haha