Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Summer Babies!

Hop over to A Walk Through My Little World and join in with the month-long birthday party. Candlequeen has been honoring everyone with summer birthdays. You may get caught up with the party and want to read prior posts. Please do as this lady is hilarious!

My first pick is of Katya's 3rd birthday cake. We had only lived in St. Louis a few months and she did not have her social club together yet!

Of course, Ed, my social butterfly celebrated her 5th birthday with all of her lovely preschool posse! They dressed up, had nails and makeup done, glued flowers and netting to the hats, and just before everyone dove into the cake, a fashion show with runway models!

Hero, Rock and a friend the morning after a night of drinking Mountain Dew! I will say no more!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm still looking for MY birthday photos.....


Jeanie said...

I loved this because I love kid's birthday parties and I love cake. I may have to go dig through some pictures.

She Writes said...

Oh, I have a feeling there is more to be said ;)!