Friday, July 23, 2010

Saturdy Samplings - Three Things

I was playing catch up with my blog reading today and I came across this incredible post by Gutsy Writer. She writes of some very important lessons she learned from her amazing mother about how to raise emotional healthy kids. She also writes about the differences in how certain families teach their children life's lessons.

As I read her post, tears streamed down my face because I realized the many simple lessons that were not put in place when my kids were younger, and I wondered how I could ever make up for these shortcomings. There are cycles that I had hoped would be broken. There are new behaviors that have resulted from stressed relationships and unresolved childhood issues. My one redeeming factor, I believe, is that God has blessed me with very intelligent, compassionate and intuitive children. I can talk to them now about so much more than I ever could before.

I didn't post anything of substance this week, so my sampling is the July 22nd post by Gutsy Writer. Please take a few minutes to read her compelling words and leave her some love when you are finished!

Thank you Mrs4444 for hosting this very special meme where we can bring to the attention of your many readers, the posts we loved best! Please click here to link up with others who have some wonderful stories to tell!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a terrific weekend!


BLOGitse said...

Stopping by from Saturday Sampling.
I've been reading Sonia's blog for ages :)
What a small world blogworld can be...
Have a good weekend!

Betty said...

I read Gutsy Writer regularly. And I agree, her post was very meaningful and inspirational. Good for you for pointing it out!

Mrs4444 said...

You're very welcome! Thanks for linking up! Off to read Sonia's post!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Love the photo! Off to read Gutsy WRiter. Thanks for the tip.

Hope your week is great,

Debbie said...

I am certainly going to read it if it touched you that much. Thanks for the tip.

GutsyWriter said...

Thank you for the kind words and my apologies for not commenting on your post sooner. You know we are all in this parenting thing together, and learning as we go. I've made mistakes, however, I try not to view them that way, as what works for one child, does not necessarily work for another. Just keep doing your best, and I can see from your recent post of your daughter all dressed up with her friends, that they're having a fabulous time. Thank you so much for mentioning my post.